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Dani Gonzalez
Position: Sports Journalist

Grade: 11th grade

Hobbies: I enjoy reading, drawing, acting, dancing, and photography

Favorite Foods: My favorite foods are french fries, pizza, and pasta

Astrological Sign: My zodiac sign is Scorpio

Music Playlist: My favorite music tends to be Rock and Alternative music. My favorite bands are Panic at the Disco and Green Day

Favorite Things to Watch: I have a love for many musicals, TV shows, and movies, a few of my favorites would include Grease, Kiss Me Kate, Wicked, Bonnie and Clyde, all Marvel movies and TV shows, How I Met Your Mother, and I absolutely love Harry Potter.

Favorite Quote: My favorite quote is “Love me or hate me, both are in my favor… If you love me, I’ll always be in your heart… If you hate me I’ll always be in your mind” - William Shakespeare because it reminds me to remember how much power I give someone over  myself is ultimately up to me.

Superpower You Wish You Had: If I could have any power it would be the power of illusions, because I could make people see whatever I want, and it unlocks limitless possibilities.

Dani Gonzalez, Journalist

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