FaceTime Makes Connections Among Students During the Pandemic


Marisol Lopez

Roselyn Godinez on Facetime with long time friend Marisol Lopez for the first time after the start of the quarantined pandemic in 2021.

Marisol Lopez, Journalist

The ongoing pandemic has changed many things, including how people see one another. This pandemic has caused citizens from all over the world to lose jobs, loved ones, and become severely ill. This pandemic has also closed schools and many state attractions, making the chance to see and hang out with people more difficult. The lack of interaction between teens and preteens has affected many who thrive on structure and social interactions.

 FaceTime is an app designed by Apple Corporations to be able to see picture in picture view,  meaning that you can see exactly what you look like to the other person on the other side of the screen. As well as being able to flip the screen. Recently in the 14.0-14.1 update for  Apple products, FaceTime has changed from only being able to see the other person’s camera when on the main screen to be able to see them while on other apps. It also indicates when you are visible on the screen and when it is off or being used. A green dot means the camera is being used and is visible. An orange dot means you are on pause and they cannot see you. If no light is being shown the camera isn’t being used. Freshman Ethan Adu Gyamfi was asked for his opinion on FaceTime, he says, “I like the new feature because now I can see my friends while I’m on another app, rather than just being on pause the whole time.”

 People throughout the world who have access to an Apple product have been FaceTiming rather than meeting in person and risk getting sick. This app has made staying at home and not being able to see others way better by giving them a chance to talk to their relatives. FaceTime also helps with more direct communications because you can see the other person’s face and be able to tell in what tone they are speaking.  The FaceTime app isn’t always so serious, as it includes colorful filters, stickers, voice-overs with your bitmojis and other creatures, and more. 

Many hospitals including a Cleveland Clinic have created a “Virtual Visit Team” to help patients get in contact with their family members through a video call due to the to contact visitors rule. By doing so this team has helped patients feel comfortable in such an enclosed environment while getting treated at the hospitals. This also helped patients feel much better during their sick times and improve their health according to the Cleveland Clinic. 

FaceTime overall has helped many stay in touch with family and friends and it has added a worldwide connection between people. It has also helped students stay connected with friends during quarantine while still keeping them safe. When asked why she uses the app, Freshman Roselyn Godinez states,  “I use FaceTime basically everyday to call my friends after school and throughout the day. I feel like it’s one of the main things that keep me from going insane in my house quarantining”. Alongside Roselyn, Freshman Karime Granados says, “I like FaceTime. It’s a great way to see your friends and talk to them without coming in contact with them!

Recently, on a show called ¨Grey’s Anatomy¨ in season 16, hospitals are utilizing FaceTime to their advantage. In episode 3 of season 17, Meredith, the protagonist, is using FaceTime to see her children, which she hasn’t seen in a long time, since she was put in quarantine. 

Hospitals use FaceTime to get in contact with relatives of the patient, since no one is allowed to see a patient. Patients in hospitals are quarantined and are not allowed to see anyone, but there has to be a way to always keep in contact with loved ones, which is why hospitals saw an advantage in FaceTime, they took it.

The ongoing pandemic has definitely influenced how we live our lives. One part that was majorly affected was socialization. Citizens from all over the world can no longer see people without risking infecting themselves and their loved ones. Humans need interaction, and this is why most hospitals and their patients have now bumped up the use of FaceTime more than ever. From hospitals to regular high school students using it, FaceTime has helped us interact when society most needed it.