Is Gaggle a Safety Precaution or Invasion of Privacy?


Janelle White

This photo depicts Gaggle watching everything we do with the eyes watching us! (Photo Illustration by Janelle White)

Vivien Tran, Journalist

For those who don’t know, Gaggle is a system for protecting students. It monitors the work of students and schools pay money for their services. Gaggle’s Student Safety Representatives monitor the blocked content and anything that can jeopardize a student’s safety. Their goal is to also increase engagement and participation for students in class. Gaggle can identify cyber-bullying, abuse and more. 

When asked how she felt if Gaggle was at home sophomore Liliana Olvera said, “Gaggle shouldn’t be on our devices at home because I feel like that’s an invasion of privacy since they are our devices and not our schools and the school shouldn’t be allowed to monitor them even if it is during school hours.” 

She continues saying, “I think it would also be pretty pointless because I think people would still go onto other non-school related websites regardless if they were being monitored or not and even if they wouldn’t they could still use their phones.”

“I’m using a Chromebook right now and I knew Gaggle was on the Chromebook before I got them. I think it’s fine that it’s on there because it’s the schools property and I only use the Chromebook for education purposes only,” Sophomore Liliana Olvera said. 

Freshman Salma Caceres states, “It should be our privacy and not controlled by the school. I feel like the school should only see what we turn in or send to them, not everything we do.” When asked about how Gaggle will affect her work Caceres says, “I don’t think it would unless they restrict websites that help us do research since we need that for school.”

Gaggle watches screens for suspicious or harmful content for protection for students. Schools using Gaggle always have their students surveillanced whenever they are on their school emails/accounts.  

Sophomore Brianna Pacheco said, “I feel neutral about it. I think it will be invasive since it will monitor everything we do on our school account but I think it’s a safety precaution too. It can stop students from going on weird websites and I feel like it will make students focus which can lead us to get a better understanding of the class and better grades.” 

Gaggle wants to provide a safe environment for its students and teachers. Gaggle finds this matter a safety precaution. They are protecting the students from the dangers of the internet.