Cuddled up: Bernie Sanders Infamous Mittens Meme.


By אור ורסנו - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

This is the original Bernie Sanders function over form photo that laid the groundwork for the viral meme sensation that swept the nation. This is Bernie sanders at the inauguration wearing his comfortable clothing. This picture was provided by wikimedia commons.

Allison Bolanos Lopez, Journalist

Many memes have surfaced since the historic inauguration of President Joe Biden. One of the most viral world-wide memes has been the Bernie Sanders meme in which the senator sits on a chair, legs crossed, wearing mittens. This meme has gone viral because many people at the inauguration were wearing designer and expensive clothes. When Bernie showed up in a simple sweater, pants, and mittens everyone was shocked and surprised he was dressed so casually. Then came the memes.

Senator Sanders thought that it would be a good idea to profit off all of the memes related to the infamous picture. The Bernie merchandise was actually a big hit, and all of the merch was sold out on the Bernie Campaign Webstore, with 100 percent of the profits going to charities in Vermont like “Meals on Wheels,” “Feeding Chittenden,” “The Chill Foundation,” and the “Vermont Community Action Centers.” For those who did place an order, items may take slightly longer to ship since the high demand caused packaging delays.

University Preparatory student, ninth grader Valery Garcia stated, “Considering that the event was more formal, wearing casual clothes can be seen as inappropriate.” She also stated that Sanders taking advantage of this opportunity to raise money for charity was a great idea and she would love to see more things like this in the future. Although Valery thinks his outfit wasn’t the most appropriate for the inauguration she does feel “…his clothing wasn’t too appropriate for the inauguration, but to be fair it was a cold day, and he just chose comfort over style.” 

Bernie’s comfortable no-nonsense style made the very serious event a bit more relaxed, and the $1.8 million raised will really help out the local Vermont charities in the long run. Although everyone else was wearing fancy designer clothes, Bernie chose function over form and birthed a legendary meme.