Shovel Knight Treasure Trove: Medieval Times done Stylishly


All of the playable characters. Eventually, all their stories collide in a tale of honor, deception, and magic.

Cesar Lopez, Journalist

Shovel Knight Treasure Trove is a sidescroller game (a game style where the player mostly travels from left to right) taking place during times of honorable knights and devilish magic. This game was created by Yacht Club Games, an independent game development studio, who released the game at the cost of $39.99. Shovel Knight’s style of graphics is very pixelated, which adds to the style. The story of the game (which involves the player rescuing another knight from the evil grasp of the Enchantress) is simplistic, but feels very honorable to the medieval times it references.

To go into detail of the gameplay, the player plays as the Shovel Knight. The main goal of the game is to free the citizens of the land from the corrupt rule of the Enchantress and the Order of No Quarter, a group of unjust knights. The player’s main weapon in-game is, well, a shovel! There are many other enemies encountered in the levels of the game. These enemies can range from easy to kill bugs to fierce dragons. However, there are different ways to play the game. Shovel Treasure Trove is the fully updated version of Shovel Knight. It includes the main game, and three other branched versions of the main story. In each story though, the player can collect all kinds of riches by slaying enemies or opening chests. This can be used to upgrade health, magic, or even armor.

The four games included in Treasure Trove are Shovel Knight, Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows, Shovel Knight: Spectre of Torment, and Shovel Knight: King of Cards. Each of these games bring something different to the exciting gameplay. For example, King of Cards brings more strategy in the game with a card game. Spectre of Torment bring more mechanics to support a player’s play style. There are four playable characters in total. The Shovel Knight, as discussed, uses his shovel. The Plague Knight uses bombs and potions. The Spectre Knight uses his trusty scythe. Finally, King Knight uses his staff-like weapon to halt foes. These games both tell different stories as well. The graphics in this game and its counterparts remain generally similar. Pixelation in the artwork of the game looks very colorful and detailed under the circumstances the game was created in, since Yacht Club Games isn’t a highly funded studio. 

While playing Plague of Shadows, the Plague Knight attempts to betray the Order of No Quarter to create an immortality potion. Each member of the group has a key ingredient, so the Plague Knight has to steal from each knight. This version of the game introduces the aspect of bombs and using them to launch the player in the air.

In Spectre of Torment, you play as the Spectre Knight. This story is a prequel where the Specter Knight is forced by the Enchantress to create the Order of No Quarter by scouting around and recruiting knights of legend. The only reason the knight is under the watchful eye of the Enchantress is because of a cursed amulet he misused. This version of the game introduces new mechanics such as using your scythe to ride on rails and swing in the air.

In King of Cards, King Knight is trying to gain a title towards fame and fortune. In order to do this, he needs to defeat three kings in a large tournament of Joustus. What’s Joustus? Well, it is a new mechanic added to this version of the game. It’s a complex yet bite-sized card game the player can play in certain taverns and cities.

Overall, the game itself had a lot of work put into it, and the value of price to the amount of actual gameplay in the game feels like a fair deal. Not only does the game technically count as four games in one, but the game also includes a challenge mode to play multiplayer (not online) with friends and family. The game may fall short in a couple of categories, such as depth in the story, or external lore, but the game feels fresh and stylish. Shovel Knight is well worth the cost, and is a good recommendation for those who enjoy sidescrollers!