UP TO DATE: Jan. 5 – 8

Janelle White and Leslie Tello

CC: Alright Jaguars, we have the results for Student of the Month for December. And starting off, we have seventh grader Sneha Rajkumar, eighth grader Katie Lujan, ninth grader Isobella Camacho, tenth grader Porter Wyche, eleventh grader Tayler Avila, and twelfth grader Jason Bonilla [Romo]*.

CC: Alright Jaguars, that’s all the news we have for now but keep watching for more updates. My name is Scarlett Price, and this has been our latest edition of Up to Date.

[Other Announcements]

CC: There will be a virtual chess tournament hosted by HS ASB on January 15th via zoom. Watch the Google Classrooms for more information.

*Correction made 1/15, 4:08 PM. “Romero” was corrected to “Romo.”