Christmas Chronicles Part Two: A Mixed Bag

Netflixs Christmas Chronicles 2 stars Kurt Russell as Santa and Goldie Hawn as Mrs. Claus. It began streaming on November 25, 2020.


Netflix’s Christmas Chronicles 2 stars Kurt Russell as Santa and Goldie Hawn as Mrs. Claus. It began streaming on November 25, 2020.

The movie Christmas Chronicles 2 was directed and produced by Chris Columbus and released on November 25, 2020 on Netflix. Although the beginning of the movie was tedious to get through, it ended up becoming intriguing towards the end, with a musical surprise in the middle. However, the off putting character design of the elves was very distracting.

The ending for the first Christmas Chronicles does not match up with the beginning of Christmas Chronicles 2; there is a time jump of two years between the two movies. The first movie ends with Kate (Darby Camp) and her older brother Teddy (Judah Lewis) saving Christmas with Santa (Kurt Russell). The beginning of Christmas Chronicles 2 starts off with a new character, Belsnickel, talking about how he trusted humans and how they betrayed him. Then, the audience is reintroduced to the main cast who is celebrating Christmas in Mexico.

The main characters in the sequel are two kids, Kate and Jack (Jahzir Bruno), the soon-to-be stepbrother of Kate. They truly start their Christmas adventure when they are unwittingly transported to the North Pole by Belsnickel.

Belsnickel (Julian Dennison), the antagonist of the movie, is a character borrowed from German folklore about a Santa Claus character dressed in furs who precedes Saint Nick to discover who is naughty or nice. In this film, Belsnickel is a former elf who does not really care about others. Portrayed as a selfish teenager, Belsnickel was entertaining because he would come up with all sorts of inventions (such as a time travel device) to get what he wanted.

Throughout the movie, the acting was compelling. Jack’s expressions were especially good when he almost slipped and fell, and Kate did a great job making it clear she did not want Bob (Tyrese Gibson), Jack’s dad and her future stepdad, around.

I was pleasantly surprised when, in the middle of the movie, there was singing. It was cool because I like musicals and it was a Christmas song they were singing. I was also surprised because there hadn’t been any singing up to that point. It was only one song, but at the end of the movie they started to sing again.

In terms of character design, however, the elves were simply unattractive. I was expecting them to be a bit taller and not have a tail. I also thought the elves would look a bit more traditional, like typical elf drawings or like an Elf on the Shelf.

The language that they created for the elves left me a bit confused; I later found out it was elvish (a language made up for the movie). Since watchers will not be able to understand what the elves say, the movie added captions. The actors also speak to the reindeers using this created language.

Since there’s no scary stuff, other than the appearance of the elves, this is a good family movie that can be watched during Christmas or any other day of the year. It is available now on Netflix.