Stimulus Checks: When Will They Come Out and How Much Will They Be?


Citizens from different countries have generally been getting a lot more money from their stimulus checks. For example, there was a point where Australia gave its people $1,500 in stimulus checks.

Cesar Lopez, Journalist

To many people who have lost their jobs to COVID-19, a stimulus check is crucial for a source of money. In most cases, each stimulus check’s price for the month was mentioned in some way, shape, or form. But for the month of December? It could be a handful of payments. According to CBS News, the stimulus check could be worth $1,200, $600, or perhaps even nothing at all.

For those who don’t know, stimulus checks are payments given to people that are currently jobless due to the pandemic.

As CBS News reported, lawmakers are running out of time before Congress adjourns for the holidays. The thing keeping people waiting is whether or not the Congress  will decide to give the stimulus check this month. Or if it gets approved, how much cash will be given?

 The plans on how the money is given is complicated. CBS News says there is one plan where instead of giving stimulus checks, a proposal was made to focus on providing $300 in weekly unemployment aid. Another plan was proposed to instead give $600 per person, although they would cut back on the unemployment aid. Unfortunately, the amount of money planned to be given to the people has not been officially announced nor confirmed.

However, there are some people who need these checks to pay house bills and get food.

Senior Ethan Bunn gives his opinion on the matter. “$1,200 is almost nothing in California. For me and my parents personally, we got two stimulus checks. The first one was for one month of rent, the entire check. We pay  $1,200 and some change for rent every month, so everything else had to come from the second.” Expenses can vary from state to state. According to the New York Times, California is an expensive state to live in, meaning that, unfortunately for the people who have lost their jobs, the stimulus checks can’t be the backbone for all of their payments.

This ties into what Junior Moala Fotu says. “A one time check should’ve been more in my opinion. Since Canada has been giving $2,000, then I feel like we could’ve at least hit that.”

Another major topic with the stimulus check is if it does come out, when? Especially during the holidays, people are going to be wanting some money for gifts and ingredients for homemade cooking. Freshman Rocky Rodriguez also brings this up, as he tells us, “Since so many people have been laid off from their jobs, the stimulus check is super important. How else are people going to pay for food and stuff for the holidays?”

The stimulus check often helps American citizens pay the bills during these harsh times, but will a check even be released this month? There are no official confirmations yet, so it may be unlikely that people will get a check this month. But again, there is no confirmation that people won’t get one, so there is still a chance people will get the money they need.