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Not Another Lockdown!

December 17, 2020


Vivien Tran

The CDC is urging everyone to stay inside for their own protection. Cases and hospitalizations are surging. Wear a mask!

With coronavirus cases increasing in California, people are being told to stay inside once again.

According to the New York Times, people’s lifestyles have been altered. They are continuously taking online classes which can strain their eyes and cause more stress for students. Healthcare workers are advising everybody to stay inside to prevent the spread of the virus. Most of the states have ordered the stay-at-home order for their own protection. 

“It doesn’t feel like a new lockdown instead the other lockdown just never stopped. The lockdown is going to reinforce rules that are already there. I guess it’s a good thing that people are calling it a new lockdown because the cases are really high and it will open their eyes for them to be more careful. I will certainly be more cautious of ordering food and going to the grocery store, ” Sophomore Liliana Olvera remarked. Back in March, schools immediately closed due to the start of the virus and people started doing online school. The lockdowns then and now are similar due to the increasing cases. 

“I can’t do the things I used to do like go to school, eat out at restaurants, go to the movies. I sometimes can’t see my family as they have been infected with it,” Senior Oscar Serrano noted. The state will color code each county based on the number of cases. Counties with purple, are the worst one which includes San Bernardino County.

The new lockdown is causing issues for some students. Freshman Salma Caceres is in her first year of high school, but having this lockdown can have her first year online. “[If it wasn’t for the lockdown], I’d be going to school physically and hanging out with my family,” Caceres started, “Online school can be very straining to my eyes.”.

7th grader Kalyn Tran has some difficulties with online school. “It’s definitely harder to make friends online, for me at least. I think it’ll be easier to make friends at school”.

“I think what caused the lockdown was the fact that people were not taking the pandemic seriously. A lot of people were treating it as a joke thinking it’d be over soon, and therefore did not follow guidelines which caused the virus to spread even more,” Junior Hilary Martinez remarked. 

“I feel like this was a warning for everyone. There are over a million cases in California, and people are not taking this seriously as much as they should have. Others are going out without a mask, going to events, or wearing their mask incorrectly. This is preventing us from going back to school and seeing our friends and family,” Sophomore Elena Jimenez commented.

Governor Gavin Newsom highly suggests that Californians stay inside. He has put in a “stay-home order” to lessen the spread of coronavirus. Prohibit indoor dining, using gyms, and going to events. 

Sophomore Tamira Lanzon practices volleyball in her local park. “The lockdown has been affecting my volleyball practices but the regulations have been reasonable. We practice outside and wear masks.”.

Senior Jonathan Medina mentioned, “I think that even though there’s going to be people negatively affected by [the lockdown], it has to be done and we need to work together to stay healthy. I only hang out with my family and family friends [to be safe].” 

Although it has been rough, people are highly suggesting to stay inside so we can go outside again without wearing a mask and hang out with our family and friends!

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