Students find Relaxation and Motivation in Music


Kage Blakeney

Music offers many benefits for its listeners, including physical, psychological, and emotional ones. Studies find that music therapy can help reduce pain and stress, and can also improve memory.

Vivien Tran, Journalist

As people stay in quarantine for longer, some are discovering more and more styles of music such as hip hop, rock, jazz, pop and more. It can bring people serenity and joy on the days they need it most.

“During the pandemic, I discovered new genres of music such as indie and folk. It has brought a lot of calmness into my life,” sophomore Elena Jimenez remarked. Jimenez listens to songs by Lauren Daigle, BANNERS, Novo Amor, Tom Rosenthal, Birdy, and SYML for relaxation and motivation. 

During the pandemic, it can be stressful at times. People can use music to relieve stress and anxiety. Music can improve moods when people are not feeling their best. It gets people to feel energized and content. 

“[I listen to music] everyday [to] relieve stress and listening to it makes me happy. I like listening to Lay Me Down by Sam Smith,” senior Martina Sadeek remarked.

An article published on states, “Even sad music brings most listeners pleasure and comfort, according to recent research from Durham University in the United Kingdom and the University of Jyväskylä in Finland, published in PLOS ONETrusted Source. Conversely, the study found that for some people, sad music can cause negative feelings of profound grief.” The article goes on to discuss how the findings of the study, along with other research, can be used in music therapy, which has yielded promising results. It is widely considered a non-invasive, cheap, and low risk treatment.

Another Healthline article also states that music can help people learn. Some doctors at universities say that music can help stimulate students’ brains and engage their brains to do activities. Studies show that music can improve memory as well. It is best to listen to music without lyrics for the best results since lyrics can be distracting to some people and it make hard to focus.

Above, 8th grader Naomilei Caraig uses music as a way to focus. Her stress lowers as she’s doing online classes and homework. She states, “Music motivates me to my work even if I don’t feel like doing it. One time, I was really lazy to do my work and it was due at midnight. I really didn’t feel like doing it but once I started listening to music, it somehow motivated me to start doing my homework.” (Provided by Naomilei Caraig)

8th grader Naomilei Caraig remarked, “I listen to classical and sometimes hip hop music when I’m doing my homework because it helps me close out other sounds and it calms me down while I’m [doing work]. And other times I listen to music, I listen to the lyrics and connect with it and shut off the world and all the other things that get on my nerves.”

Sophomore Liliana Olvera enjoys listening to songs before doing any school work. “[Ariana Grande] gives me energy and [her lyrics] put me in a good mood to do things.” 

Music can have psychological benefits for people who listen. It can influence people’s feelings, and thoughts, or behavior. It may help people manage pain also. “When I play her songs it puts me in a good mind set. [Whenever] I feel sad, I can listen to her songs. She has a lot of songs that are about mental health and it makes me feel better,” Olvera remarked. 

As artists continue to put out new music, students continue to step outside their musical comfort zone and seek solace in their favorite familiar types.