FEV Tutoring


Janelle White

This is a drawing of a student in a FEV tutoring session. In FEV tutoring sessions, students are only allowed to communicate with their tutors through a chat box and use the whiteboard to draw out their answers. All students in the Victor Valley Union High School District have access to FEV Tutoring through their Classlink. FEV Tutoring is free for students, so they don’t have to worry about any additional costs.

Caitlynn Kelley, Journalist and Editor

Distance learning presents a challenge for some students. To help combat the learning loss, the Victor Valley Union High School District released FEV Tutoring to all its students during the 2020-2021 school year. It has a 24/7 homework help option, so students are able to get help any hour of the day, including weekends, when teachers aren’t available to help students. FEV tutoring sessions are only mandatory if students show that they are grade levels behind based on STAR test scores. Not a lot of students have been able to attend the tutoring sessions available to them, mostly due to being busy. In order to increase participation, it was announced by FEV Tutor that through October 19, 2020, that they would be offering a ten dollar Amazon gift card to students who have completed twenty hours of tutoring. 

Director of Educational Services Christine Foote from the Victor Valley Union High School District commented on how the FEV tutoring sessions were implemented this school year. Foote stated that there are two layers to FEV tutoring. There is the 24/7 homework help that is available for each student, and there is intensive support for students who scored below their grade level on the STAR assessment tests for Math and English.

She states that FEV tutoring was implemented to ensure that learning loss is minimal during distance learning. She adds that FEV tutoring is a good financial investment because it allows teachers to be able to focus on their families. 

Foote said that she did see a bump in three hundred extra students in attendance when FEV Tutors announced that they would give out a ten dollar Amazon gift card if students completed twenty hours of tutoring sessions. 

She states from October 23, 2020 to October 29, 2020, that there were 726 students logging in for the intensive support tutoring. 

She said that some students that she has contacted about the FEV tutoring program stated that they didn’t know that it was free. 

Foote got information from Heather Sodoti on data from the last week of October. The data shows that students attended 32% of their tutoring sessions and took advantage of 1,190 tutoring hours. Students attended 1, 246 sessions out of the 3,916 scheduled. Students worked on various learning objectives in English, Math, Science, and Social Studies and scored an average of session proficiency of 83%. Students rated their sessions an average of around 4.6 out of 5 points and rated their tutors around 4.7 out of 5 points. They also provided valuable commentary on their tutoring experience. 

Here are comments from some Victor Valley Union High School students that went to FEV tutoring sessions. 

A junior student stated, “I liked it a lot. She helped me when I didn’t know the answer. She would tell me that I’m close and she or he would tell me I can get the answer right, I just have to read the answer good.” 

A freshman student stated, “My experience was really great for my first time. I really liked it.” – 

A senior student stated, “He is very nice and more understandable than the other teachers and today’s session was good. I learned a bit more and understood it better.” 

On how he heard about FEV Tutoring, junior Julien Pineda states, “I have learned about the FEV tutoring session through a district meeting, and through all of my teachers.”

Freshman America Cisneros also heard about the FEV tutoring sessions through her teachers.

Junior Moala Fotu states “Yes, I have heard about the FEV tutoring sessions that the Victor Valley Union High School District offers. I first heard about it through my English teacher, Mrs. Lovato, who was encouraging students to take advantage of the tutoring sessions. 

Pineda hasn’t attended any FEV tutoring sessions. “I haven’t been able to attend simply because I haven’t had any spare time, but it is something that I definitely want to attend.”

Regarding whether she has attended a FEV tutoring session, Fotu says,” I have been to one FEV tutoring session, for English.”

Cisneros hasn’t been to any FEV tutoring sessions due to not needing any help. 

Fotu details her experience at her English FEV tutoring session, “My one time experience with the FEV tutoring session was very helpful. I really liked how the teacher was going at my pace and she explained things in a way where I understood.”

Pineda gives his opinion on how students will get a twenty dollar Amazon gift card for doing 20 hours of tutoring sessions, “I feel that it is unnecessary. Yes, it is a motivator for students to attend tutoring sessions. However, there are many students who don’t need the tutoring or are not able to complete the full 20 hours. The students should be going to improve their grades and not attend for a sole purpose of wanting an Amazon gift card. Overall, it’s not the worst idea.

Cisneros states that the ten dollar Amazon gift card doesn’t motivate her to go to any FEV tutoring sessions, “I think this won’t motivate me because 20 hours of tutoring sounds boring.”

On how a ten dollar Amazon gift card could motivate students to attend FEV sessions, Fotu states, “I think that the announcement … is a good way to motivate other students. I personally don’t think it motivates me to attend FEV tutoring sessions, because I don’t believe earning money is a good reward for trying to learn or get help on something that I am struggling on.”

Regarding whether he knows students that have attended FEV tutoring sessions and if the sessions have helped them or not, Pineda says, “I do know a couple of students who have used the FEV tutoring. The sessions did help them because of the time they got the tutoring. They got that extra help even after teachers weren’t available.”

Concerning if she knows any students that have been to tutoring sessions from FEV, Cisneros says, “I don’t know any.”

Fotu states that she isn’t aware of any students that have or are using FEV tutoring, “At the time, I don’t know any other student who is or has used FEV tutoring.”

Pineda states, “I don’t believe that FEV tutoring [is] better than one on tutoring with a teacher and I don’t think that online tutoring can replace in person tutoring. This is because you get more helpful information from your teacher and more specific information from tutoring with your teachers rather than a general understanding of your topic. Yes, online tutoring can help you with a specific subject, but only your teacher can truly help you with everything you need to know. Also yes, online tutoring can be helpful but can’t replace in person tutoring because some people prefer in person because they can’t focus or understand online.

Cisneros believes that FEV tutoring is a good replacement for one on one tutoring from a teacher, “I think this is a good replacement because when I need help on a subject I’ll be able to get a tutoring session.”

Regarding which method is better, Fotu says, “I don’t think FEV tutoring sessions are better than one on one tutoring with a teacher. I think it’s added on to help, especially because I know that teachers aren’t always free to offer tutoring everyday. I think that, during this time, the online tutoring sessions can take over in person tutoring because it’s online and students can book a session whenever they need it.”

Concerning whether he will attend FEV tutoring sessions in the future, Pineda states, “I do think I am going to use FEV tutoring. Mostly when finals come around just as a refresher to help me pass.”

Cisneros says that she will attend FEV tutoring sessions in the future, “I think I will because classes are probably gonna become more difficult.”

Concerning if Fotu will attend FEV tutoring sessions in the future, she says, “I do think I will use the FEV tutoring sessions in the near future, because I personally think it’s very helpful and the time management is really flexible for me.”

Regardless, the FEV tutoring program from the district is very helpful during these difficult times, where we are not able to see our teacher face to face and ask them for help. The FEV tutoring sessions are available to all students and are required for some that are struggling in core subject areas.