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Republican State Assembly Member Jay Obernolte is currently running against Democrat Christine Bubser for US Rep District 8 . (Used by Permission of State of California, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons)


constitution based decisions, extending tax cuts, lower taxes, conservative, traditional values and belief systems,   

Jay Obernolte 2020 US Rep District 8 Candidate and California’s 33rd Assembly District Representative since 2014. Jay Obernolte stands for better healthcare that will ease surprise medical bills and will also give citizens more transparency into their medical costs. He believes that creating more jobs, supporting investments in career technical education, and supporting small businesses are essential for the economy to grow. He is a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment, which states the right of the people to keep and bear arms. He has received an “A” rating from the National Rifle Association for the work he has done in the California Legislature.  He believes that there should be changes to the police department but also believes that we need more to keep the community and every citizen safe. Obernolte wants to honor the country’s promises to Veterans by holding the Veterans Administration accountable. Organizations that back up this candidate include Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, Inland Empire Taxpayers Association, High Desert Taxpayers Association, and Big Bear Taxpayers Association. They back up Obernolte because he promises to prevent high taxes for citizens and ensure people keep the money they’ve worked hard for. 

Republican Senator Scott Wilk is currently running against Democrat Kipp Mueller for District 21. (Used by Permission of California State Assembly Republican Caucus, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons)

Scott Wilk 2020 California State Senator Candidate, California State Senate (2016-2020), California State Assembly District 38 (2012-2016). Scott Wilk believes that having a good education system is a pathway for a good economy. The primary campaign promises that Wilk will get California students the modern, safe, and well-organized classrooms they deserve. He wants to protect social security benefits for 60-year-olds and above. He believes that people who are 60 and above are near retirement and expecting Social Security earnings, which makes them more likely to need protection. Wilk’s most important issue is supporting California’s businesses. He has promoted many policies for businesses to get back to growth and will continue to do that through the Senate. He will help people get back to work after the pandemic and will put a stop to bad policies that put businesses down as well as the economy. The Academy for Grassroots Organizations is a supporter of Wilk. They are an organization that provides help to residents of their area. They believe that Wilk understands how helping can better the society. Wilk is also part of the organization working to improve his District.

Rick Herrick 2020 State Assembly Candidate and Mayor of Big Bear Lake (2006-2020). Herrick believes in strong republic leadership. He trusts that common sense, accountability, and transparency will get California on the right track. He also stands for public safety; he does not oppose defunding police and he trusts that more well-trained police means more safety in society. His primary campaign promises that Herrick will prioritize lowering taxes, and fees of housing, gas, food, and other things that are supposed to be affordable. He thinks that California needs to be seen as a place of affordability, but to do that Herrick reckons California will need to go back to its basics such as keeping housing affordable and reducing homelessness. One important issue he supports is fixing the jobs and the economy. His first step in doing so is providing unemployment benefits faster. His next step will be helping small businesses reopen and making it safe and easy to do so. He also believes that eliminating unfair government regulations will get more job availability and make the economy grow stronger. Jan Jernigan Insurance Agency is a supporter of Herrick. *NO PICTURE AVAILABLE*



Christine Bubser 2020 US Representative Candidate. Christine stands for healthcare, public lands, economy and jobs, veterans, and education. The primary campaigns Chris is promising are expanding affordable health care, higher funded schools for more children, offering more benefits to people that are family or are veterans, better paying jobs for people, improving our economy, and defending our environment against pollution, wildfires, and other things that harm our environment. For the healthcare issues, Chris explains that she wants to offer healthcare coverage for all American citizens. As for education, she believes that public education should be a priority. She promises to fund public education for better schools. For public lands, she plans on fighting against climate change, pollution, and the raging wildfires. For veterans, she offers them and their families the benefits they need, such as healthcare. For our jobs and economy, she is offering expanded paid leave, better pay, and she is hoping to improve our economy. On social issues, Christine seems to be offering American citizens lower expenses and is prioritizing the future of America. Some organizations that support Christine are the Apple Valley Unified Teachers Association (because she supports education), Hesperia Teachers Association (because she supports education), and United Auto Workers (because she supports economic change). 

Thurston “Smitty” Smith 2020 California State Assembly Candidate. He stands for the economy, jobs, veterans, protecting our neighborhoods, the Second Amendment, Prop 13, and fighting taxes. The primary campaign promises he has made are to bring better jobs, better pay for American citizens, make sure veterans are offered proper service, fight against prisoners being released early and cash bail (which basically allows criminals to get out of jail if they have enough money), fight against high taxes, protection for Prop 13, and defense for the Second Amendment. To help improve our economy and jobs, Smith offers more higher paying jobs. He is also pushing more training programs for people to get better jobs. Smith will also make sure that veterans are thanked properly for their service to the nation. Smith advocated against the closure of the Barstow Veteran’s Home. Smith wants to fight against prisoners being released early and having the ability to pay their way out of spending a single day in jail. Smith also acknowledges the fact that Americans are being overtaxed, and he says he is willing to fight for lower taxes. Smith is willing to keep Prop 13 to protect house owners from property tax increases. He supports the Second Amendment to make sure every American has a weapon to defend themselves. On social issues, he is offering lower taxes, higher pay, and more rights to protect the people. One organization that supports him is the National Rifleman’s Association (because he supports the Second Amendment).

Democrat Kipp Mueller is currently running against Republican Scott Wilk for State Senator. (Used by Permission of Kipp Mueller, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons)

Kipp Mueller 2020 California State Senate Candidate. He stands for strengthening our middle class, quality healthcare, women’s rights, low housing prices, and fighting our climate crisis. Mueller is promising to strengthen the economy by making sure taxes and bills are fair, give citizens healthcare that will cover them (starting with people who have tested positive for COVID-19), protect women’s rights (specifically reproductive freedoms), lower housing prices for Americans to lower the rate of homelessness, and fight to make sure we use clean, reliable energy. To strengthen our middle class, Mueller has a plan to reopen safely, help small businesses and help workers in America. To fight high medical bills, Mueller says he is going to give American citizens quality healthcare. To lower housing costs, Mueller will simply work hard to make sure housing costs are lowered. To fight the climate crisis in America, Mueller will make sure that we find clean and reliable ways to go about our daily lives.On social issues, Mueller is pro-choice on abortion and pro-LGBTQ+ rights. Some organizations that support Kipp Mueller are California Labor Federation (because he supports women’s productive rights) and SEIU United Healthcare Workers West (because he supports healthcare).

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