UP TO DATE: Oct. 26 – 30

Weekly Announcements for the week of October 26 – October 30

Janelle White and Leslie Tello

This is the Picture Day Schedule for the days October 27 – 28. Be sure to wear your Monday shirt and tie. Photos will be taken in the gym. Enter through the gate near the Spanish classes on the west side. (Provided by UP Yearbook’s Instagram Account)

CC: To start things off, let’s talk about Spirit Week. It’s here! So you can go to last week’s video for the rules and guidelines for this whole week of costumes and activities. [The days are Nostalgia Monday, Tiktok Tuesday, Wicked Wednesday, Dress to Impress Thursday, and Freaky Friday]

CC: As of right now, there’s no new information regarding sports, but keep watching for any updates.

CC: Friday, October 30th, Class of 2021 is having a Halloween Bash, which includes an optional streaming party so make sure to bring your own devices. It starts at 6:30 at the blacktops near the soccer fields, and the entrance fee is $7 per 2 people in a car, but additional people will cost $3. And lastly, it’s not official yet, we are still waiting for the district’s approval, but make sure to keep it on your calendars.

CC: A little reminder that Picture Day is this week! Look back to last week’s video for all the times regarding your last name.

CC: [Class of 2022 apparel sales are still going on this week as well!]

CC: My name is Scarlett Price, and this has been another edition of Up to Date. Keep watching for more news.