UP TO DATE: Oct. 5 – 9

Weekly Announcements for the week of October 5 – October 9

Janelle White and Leslie Tello

CC: Volleyball and cross country will be playing from late December to March.

CC: Sports like soccer, basketball, baseball, and softball will be playing from March till June, but they cannot start conditioning until November 30th. The district has given a green light to [fall] sports, especially volleyball and cross country, but those sports only.

CC: But, by doing these sports, there are some rules that come along. For example, activities all must be outside and if you have a group that’s 14 or less, then you cannot mix between them. You cannot share equipment, and you have to [social] distance. The equipment must be cleaned after use, and masks need to be worn unless you’re training anaerobically. Beforehand, you’re going to get your temperature checked, and you are going to need to have a health screening. If you’re positive for coronavirus, you must [not]- you must NOT– come back until you are cleared by an MD. And if you’re in contact with someone who is positive… you must quarantine yourself for 14 days. 

CC: And now, please welcome our new guest, Antonio!

CC: Thanks, Scarlett. And now for College and Career news. Tuesday and Wednesday, October 6th and 7th, there will be a Cash for College FAFSA and Dream Act Application Workshop to help seniors fill out their FAFSA. The sign up links can be found on the class of 2021 Google Classroom.

CC: The University of Redlands Presentation will be held for juniors and seniors on Monday, October 5th, at 1 pm.

CC: There will also be an Army Presentation on Thursday, October 8th, at 12:30 pm, while the US Air Force Academy and ROTC Combo Presentation will be on October 9th, at 12:30 pm.

CC: For all of the links, go to the Class of 2021, and 2022 on Google Classroom, or you can find them on the College and Career Remind for your grade level.

CC: Thank you, Antonio! And now, for more information.

CC: October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In honor of it, we’re having a “Pink Out Day” on Friday, October 9th. Wear your favorite pink shirt, and change your profile social media pictures to something pink in order to support breast cancer awareness.

CC: And remember, Red Ribbon [Spirit] Week is from October 23rd through the 30th, so be sure to keep a look out for more information coming soon.

CC: An all new 24/7 District Tutoring and Homework Help is available through Classlink. To book a session, simply click the FEV Tutor Icon on your Classlink page.

CC: And seniors? October 14th is the last day to get your senior portraits done. If you don’t get them in, we’ll have to use last year’s ID photos. Yeah. So if you don’t want that to happen, please contact the number down below [+1 (760) 493-3344] to make an appointment with Prestige Portraits. 

CC: And next week is October Break! So please, please, please, send your pictures in [of what you did over break] to the Google Classroom assignments for journalism and yearbook.

CC: This has been another edition of UP to Date. Please join us again next week for more news.