The Upside of Physical Health


Provided by Caylen Gonzalez

Here is Sophomore Caylen Gonzalez at a softball event. During quarantine, Caylen travels to play softball with her team. Caylen plays catcher and outfielder in her softball tournaments. She uses sports as a way to practice fitness. She also uses online videos as a way to warm up before a game to help her be prepared.

Vivien Tran and Kimberly Mendez

As the school year proceeds online, students can struggle to stay fit. These students are not alone. Weight gain has become so common during the coronavirus pandemic, it has been dubbed the Quarantine 15. Additionally, with P.E. class periods being only 31 minutes and online, students are having to take their health into their own hands.

Sophomore Caylen Gonzalez is one of the many students who does home workouts by watching videos online. “I do online workouts because my travel softball team sends workout videos and drills so we can stay ready to play.” Gonzalez watches conditioning videos before her games. 

Some sports may start opening up on campus soon with social distancing reinforced. Junior Alexis Martin says, “I just wanna get back to playing, and this is a good step towards that.” He feels that people trying to keep fit at the gym or doing sports should be okay if they follow proper guidelines. To stay fit, he says, “Once things opened up a little, I would go to the park and just run or play tennis to stay in shape.”

Many people go to the gym for their exercise. In Victorville, The Gym reopened early back in May against orders. According to the ABC7 Story, the owner stated that it was a mistake closing The Gym. The owner continues stating that gyms are “essential to people’s mental and physical health.”   

Sophomore Gwen Vallejo enjoys going to The Gym. When asked why she enjoys the gym, she states, “I think that working out in a gym is better because, when you are around people it radiates positivity, and encourages you to work harder.” She continues, stating that the gym has helped her when she was going through some rough times. “When I was in a dark place, the only thing that helped me was the gym.” Gwen likes to explore her options in the gym but she mainly focuses on cardio and bodybuilding.  

Although the gym is a great place for physical health, it is a main concern to many for the reason that people come in and out of gyms on the daily and there are a lot of high touch surfaces. There are other alternatives that require less human contact. For instance, people can go on hikes, walk their pet, ride their bike, and more. 

According to Self, the benefits of physical activity include a reduction of stress, less sleep deprivation, invigoration, and more. People can start to feel drained from being quarantined for so long. Not being in contact with others and learning about a new disease can bring much anxiety and make others feel isolated. Coping with stress may be difficult but changing small parts of your routine can really help in the long run. 

Exercising regularly and having a healthy diet can help stress. It can help you mentally and boost your immune system to fight disease such as the virus. Exercising can be very beneficial to your mood and give you a confidence boost. As stated by Exercise is Medicine, regular physical activity is nothing but beneficial. Having a routine of activities can help people cope with stress and anxiety that may come from COVID-19. 

Working on a healthy diet can also be a struggle but as hard as it can be, like exercising, it is very beneficial. Here’s just some reasons why eating healthy is so important: it helps with weight loss, it reduces the risk of cancer, helps manage diabetes, prevents strokes, helps the heart, gives you strong bones and teeth, improves your memory, and can better your mood. 

Some easy ways to improve your diet now is just to switch from soft drinks to water or teas, eat less meat, swap cow’s milk for plant-based milk, and eat more fruits and more lean protein. Foods to avoid should be processed meats, sweetened beverages, sweets, red meat, potatoes, etc. 

Making just these small changes can have a really big impact on your well-being and body.