Total Game Changer: Sports make a comeback

Conditioning for sports resumes on campus


Provided by Songaya Gooden-Daniels

Junior Ashley Fuentes participates in the sport Cross Country. With determination to transition the school back to normal, conditioning for sports begins to start up again. Cross Country will be reintroduced this year for both junior high and high school girls and boys.

Janelle White, Co-Editor in Chief

Sports have always been a defining aspect of school unity. Though COVID-19’s lockdown has silenced the cheering crowds of parents and students that filled the campus during after hours, sports have decided to prevail throughout the hardships in a safe way by reintroducing conditioning for the school year.

From an announcement from Mr. Page, he states: “Students who are interested in participating in any sports this year must come to the school to pick up a physical packet and take it to a doctor to have it completed before you can try out or start conditioning. Boys’ and girls’ cross country is ready to begin a socially distanced conditioning program for both junior high and high school as soon as this is completed.”

Senior Diana Aguilar, who is the captain of the Cross Country team, has worries about doing sports at school due to not leaving the house since quarantine had began. She says, “While I am really excited that I can participate in conditioning, I am still really cautious about joining because of how the current state of the pandemic is still not under control whatsoever in America. But hearing from [Mr. Zimmerman] that the school is taking all the precautions necessary has eased some of my worries.”

Aguilar also states, “I see it completely as a choice [to participate] despite being captain… As much as I love the sport since it has been a big part of my life since 7th grade, I ultimately have to put my safety first even if it means I can’t join.”

Though still weary, Aguilar had also thought of starting a running club during the second semester if school returned back on campus by then. “I was hopeful to return to campus during second semester, but I felt like it was a long shot. I assumed XC wasn’t going to happen at all since we are a fall sport.”

A Flash to a COVID Free Past: Juniors Songaya Gooden-Daniels, Daniella Rodriguez, and Ashley Fuentes sit in a field of grass during a XC meet. Rodriguez states: “I would personally like to believe that masks won’t be required… if we do have to, I wouldn’t be opposed it. But I would definitely lather my face in sunscreen to try and keep that awkward tan line away.” (Provided by Songaya Gooden-Daniels)

Junior Daniella Rodriguez also participates in cross country. “I was so excited to learn that the school would still be doing sports. I was worried I would have to miss a year.”

Rodriguez expresses her prediction on how conditioning might work, “I don’t think the change will be too drastic. We do a lot of timed runs where we jog at ‘conversational’ pace which pretty much means run at a pace where you can still talk to the person next to you. I’m thinking these will look a little different,” she continues, “Like you would have to maintain the six feet distance between the person you’re running with… Cross Country is already a pretty independent sport so I don’t think the social distancing will have too much [of an effect].”

With Cross Country setting the precedent for how sports will play out for the rest of the school year, only time can tell how things will work. For now, be sure to be prepared with physical packets in order to participate in sports during the 2020-2021 school year.