UP TO DATE: Sept. 21-25

Weekly Announcements for the week of September 21 – September 25

Janelle White, Co-Editor in Chief

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Show this flyer to the Tutti Fruitti on 17080 Bear Valley Road in order to support the class of 2024! (Provided by the Class of 2024)

CC: The class of 2024 is having a frozen yogurt fundraiser at Tutti Fruitti. It starts on September 21st, and ends on September 25th. It’s all day too, so you can get frozen yogurt whenever you like!

CC: The class of 2022 is also having a fundraiser on Friday from 10AM to 10:30PM. It’s Panda Express on Roy Rogers.

CC: As of right now, there’s no new official information regarding sports, but the last suggestion still stands. If there were to be sports, make sure you have your athletic packet ready.

CC: And now, here’s our co-host of this edition of Up to Date with news regarding clubs.

CC: Thank you, Scarlett! And now, on to club information.

CC: Mu Alpha Theta tutoring is from 1 to 4 PM on Mondays and Thursdays. So be sure to show up! And if you want more information on other clubs such as ADI, ASL, GSA, DND, and CSF, check out the link in the description below and you might even find out what the acronyms stand for.

CC: Thank you! And this has been another edition of Up to Date!