Nailing Entrepreneurship: Alison Betancourt

Junior Alison Betancourt doing a quick nail clean in the middle of a session with a client. At 17 years old, she started her own nail business, Shannails, because she could not find a nail tech she liked. Her father inspired her entrepreneurial spirit. “My dad made me go through the path of business. He started his own trucking business, so I was like, ‘I can start my small company of whatever I want, and what I am good at.’”
Junior Alison Betancourt is proud to show the Lilo and Stitch themed poster she made for an assembly for the class of 2021. The banner helped her rediscover her passion for art.

Some teenagers’ dream is to be able to say that they can make their own money. But the reality is that most of these teens do not get hired, whether it is because they are too young, too busy, or just underqualified. But what if a teen could make their own business?  Junior Alison Betancourt does not have to ponder on the “what if?” This student is an entrepreneur in the making; at only 17-years-old, Betancourt started her nail business, Shannails.

As a little kid, Betancourt had a special talent for drawing and painting but she had stepped away from the hobby for a while. That was, at least, until ASB accepted her and assigned her to do a 2021 class banner for an assembly and she freehanded a painting of Stitch. After her banner, she went back to her roots, practiced painting, and slowly began to get better and regain her artistic eye.  

Junior Alison Betancourt made this Kung Fu Panda themed poster for her classmate for someone’s birthday. Before starting her nail business, she sold posters and banners, even though she was not really confident in it at first.

With her talent, Betancourt saw an opportunity to start a business selling posters and banners for students and events. Her entrepreneurial drive was partly influenced by her dad, whom she always looked up to. “My dad made me go through the path of business,” she stated. “He started his own trucking business, so I was like, ‘I can start my small company of whatever I want, and what I am good at.’” When starting out, she still was not very confident. Only when she started to get more and more customers did she begin to see a future with her business.

Betancourt’s business took off, despite her fear of failure. After the successful run, she had decided to go for bigger things and start her own nail business.

She started her business because she had a hard time finding a good nail tech so she decided to take matters into her own hands. Her first try was long and rough but she did not stop there. She persevered and successfully reached her goal.

Junior Alison Betancourt shows her client’s pink glossy nails covered with purple butterflies. The design was done for their winter formal.

Betancourt has been doing nails for months now. She has new clients and her schedule is booked. Clients have loved her work like junior Elaine Chavez explains, “I truly like how they turned out and [she was] able to give everything I wanted as well as [make] me comfortable while she was doing my nails.”

She has love and support from her family and her friends, including junior Alexandra Armijo. As a close friend to Betancourt, she states, “It’s ambitious of her… It’s good she can make money doing something she actually likes and she is very professional about it all.”

Alison Betancourt became an entrepreneur with many years of hard work and learning from her failures. She may not have always had the perfect shape or the perfect design, but she continues to run a successful business. So for all the people waiting to get their nails done, you know where to go. 

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