Birthday Celebrations During Quarantine


Elena Valladeres

Junior Elena Valladeres spends her 17th birthday at home due to the quarantine. She waits to enjoy a beautiful cake displaying her name.

Celebrating a birthday during this pandemic is not ideal. You can’t group up a bunch of your friends and family, and you can’t go out anywhere to have some fun. For those born during these stay-at-home times, it’s kind of hard to find something special to do.

Freshman Abigail Lopez’s birthday was March 26th, she celebrated it as expected during a pandemic. “I didn’t do anything. It was just a normal day.” Did Lopez have fun during her quarantine birthday? “I mean I just watched anime the whole day so I guess.” With little to no options to choose from, having fun is somewhat out of the question. However, Lopez had a decent amount of fun watching anime all day. Plans could be ruined by COVID-19, but Lopez didn’t really have anything in mind\; she was expecting to spend her birthday at home. “Not really [have plans], I had expected it and it’s okay. I never really do anything.”

Freshman Herlinda Recinos is going to turn 15 years old. She was going to have a quinceañera party but had to change her plans due to the pandemic. “I’m planning to eat some In N Out, and my parents are going to buy a cake. Also, I might meet up with my boyfriend. I’m sure I’ll have fun.” Recinos’ expressed her disappointment at not being able to celebrate her quinceañera party. “I was planning to have a quinceañera party. I am disappointed because I have planned this party for over a year and I had all the decorations and my dress. Everything was booked already.” Luckily, Recinos will still get to have her party. She will be postponing it for about a year from now.

Freshman Elena Jimenez’s birthday has already passed, but it was still spent during the quarantine. “It [her birthday] was April 17th, I turned fifteen. My family and I were planning a quinceañera.” Like Recinos, Jimenez was planning on pushing her party back, but it didn’t work out. “We were going to push it back, but we realized we weren’t going to be able to buy everything in time, so we canceled it.” So instead of a big party, Jimenez had a small celebration with her family. “We just decorated a little bit and my mom bought my favorite food and dessert. A little later in the day, some family drove by my house with confetti and balloons and told me happy birthday, but they stayed in the car to be safe.”

Celebrating your birthday during quarantine is a big bummer. Turning fifteen or sixteen is considered reaching a milestone and usually earns a huge, all-out celebration. However, with the situation everyone is in, a huge celebration is far from possible. Even if you are disappointed because of the loss of a huge party, you at least learn to appreciate the little things in life. Spending time with family, getting gifts from the only open stores, and having relatives wish you a happy birthday from afar is better than nothing.