Has procrastination gone up these past few weeks?


Kimberly Garnica

This represents the distractions while people try to do their school work.

Kimberly Garnica, Journalist

For the past seven weeks, most schools have been doing online learning due to COVID-19. It is difficult for students to be at home and try to do their work. Home and school are not the same type of environment. At school teachers were there making sure students would do their work and not get as distracted. At home there isn’t the same enforcement to do the work, there are so many things that can distract students. Even when they are trying to do their work simply being on the computer is distracting because there are so many other things to do like watch movies or shows.

Having your phone next to you and hearing it ding, friends texting you. They have the liberty to get up and go to the bathroom, go get snacks without having to ask for permission. Being able to hold off till the last day to get all your work done. Teacher’s wouldn’t know because they are there to make sure you space out your work but most students don’t do their work right the second it is assigned. Also, while they are doing their work they get a bit exhausted so they take “little breaks” that end up being long breaks. When asked, when doing school work and you take a break do they become long breaks, junior Ian Woodul said ” For the most part yes”. Which shows that the majority of breaks taken in a day take longer than expected.

On an Instagram poll made by Kimberly Garnica there was a question “ At home do you procrastinate more or less?”  28 people answered with more and 6 with less. This is showing that being at home decreases their motivation to do their work on time. When asked, sophomore Carolina Meja said “ My procrastination has gotten worse because I have my laptop with me all the time and I can do my work whenever I want”. Mejia can choose to do it the last day when it’s due or the first day she received it. It’s not like she can only do it at a certain time like how it was at school.

Most Jaguars shown by polls and interviews show that procrastinating school work is much easier at home then when at school. There are so many distractions that have nothing to do with school and easily gets a student side tracked from doing their work which is the reason for all this extra procrastinating thats happening from home.