Space Events You Can View From Your Backyard this Month


"star" by Kiwi Tom is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The sky providing a fascinating sight for all to gaze upon. Much like these upcoming events, the sky is displaying its sheer beauty.

The quarantine may have you down, but it’s time to look up! Specifically, look up at the sky. Starting this week, there will be four different space occurrences. Being stuck inside all the time is no fun, and getting out of your house every once in a while is a must. What better reason to go outside than viewing beautiful scenery offered by the mysterious space.

On April 15th there will be a conjunction of the Moon and Saturn. April 22nd will be bringing us a Lyrid Meteor shower! There will be twenty meteors falling per hour. April 29th gifts us with a giant asteroid known as 1998 OR2 flying close to Earth!

Sophomore Songaya Gooden-Daniels thinks these events would be worthwhile to see and experience. “Yes, I would [like to see them] because they all seem fairly interesting and I’d like to know more about them. Why do they happen? What causes them?” Gooden-Daniels comments that the sky has always interested her, so there is no doubt that these occurrences will be a fun thing for her to gaze upon. “The sky has just always interested me. How can it be so different at every point in the day and night?” Gooden-Daniels believe that it is a spectacular way to have fun during the quarantine. “I do think this would be a good way to get out of the house because we wouldn’t have to be close to anybody.” Gooden-Daniels hasn’t experienced these types of events before, but the first time is always a good time! “I haven’t seen any of these events before. As for something like them, if you could say a solar eclipse, then yes.”

As for Freshman Kristina Adikari, she has heard of one of the four events occurring this month. “I heard of the conjunction of the moon and Saturn.” Adikari is highly interested in seeing these events, she comments on their spontaneous rarity. “I would be interested in seeing these because some of them only come every so often, and I would like to experience them when I can. They are also usually a nice sight to see.” Even though the quarantine stops us from having fun, it is only to a certain extent. Viewing these beautiful events the sky is providing is completely safe and, of course, free! “This is a nice way to get out of your house and spend some time outside during quarantine because watching these events can be done from home while we are distancing ourselves.” Adikari had the exciting chance to view events like these before, which many people cannot say. “Yes, I have seen events like these before, and I was amazed.”

Eighth grade Adrian Rodriguez has a completely different point of view for these space occurrences. “I think the Pink SuperMoon signifies the end of the world. Stuff has been so crazy lately, and I think these space events are just another possibly dangerous phase of 2020.” Rodriguez is slightly paranoid by the fact that strange events have been occurring each month. “Every month of 2020 has been worse than the previous, so I don’t see why these space events would be a good thing.” Rodriguez also has an interesting theory. “I think the end of the world is actually going to happen in 2021. The people that read the predictions probably read them wrong and gave us the wrong date.”