At Home Learning

How is it Going for Students?


Jessind Caro

It may take all the technology, but students can over come this bump in the road.

Jessind Caro, Journalist

Due to the coronavirus, Victor Valley Union High School District shut down all schools and resorted to online classes through Google Classroom, Remind, Turnitin, Quizlet, and many other sites. Some students find it much better and faster, while others don’t like the idea and it is a bit hard for them. Many explain how it may be harder to ask questions about an assignment, or they don’t have any classmate interactions to help out. 

Whether online classes are harder or not, it is the only choice. Learning must go on. “Education continues to be important,” explained Mrs. Rodriguez, a 10th-grade math teacher at UP. It is even possible that it can continue like this for the rest of the 2019-2020 school year. The biggest struggle is testing and having to put in grades for the second semester. Along with scheduling for next year if schools are canceled for the rest of the year. 

Jessind Caro
There might not be notes after notes like before, but it’s time to put on your A-game for online classes.

It may be a struggle for students, especially when they have younger siblings and it can be hard to concentrate on work. 

“So far it’s not too bad because we’re just starting and work is due by next week. My siblings do come in and bother, but it happens all the time. If I tell them that I’m busy doing homework, then they usually listen.” expressed Sophomore Esdras Lopez. Most students should know their home atmosphere and plan accordingly for when to do homework. 

“It’s not too bad, but sometimes I get lazy to do work or get super bored.” Many sophomores to seniors agreed on.

Several students were questioned about what they worry about with home learning. It varied from grades

to senior events, to having summer school, and dealing with tests.  “We won’t be prepared for testing…” shared Junior Leslie Tello. Most people stress testing and finals week. No one knows what will happen if we return, which makes it more stressful. 

For now, all students must worry about the tasks at hand. Doing online learning is the best option and will help get credits to finish the year. Of course, there is a worry, but the school board and teachers are working hard to get it under control. Good luck to everyone and stay safe. Always cover your mouth and wash your hands.