Are Humans the Only Ones to Take Caution with the Coronavirus?


Shanelle Diaz-Cruz

It is still unknown if domesticated animals such as cats and dogs can spread the coronavirus and the fact that it’s unknown worries many pet owners.

Shanelle Diaz-Cruz, Journalist

People all over the world are taking caution with the global pandemic that is going on currently, the coronavirus or COVID-19. Many people are taking precautions by washing their hands, staying six feet away from people, and wearing protective wear such as medical masks and gloves but the real question is: are humans the only ones that should be careful with the virus?

According to FOX news, the first dog to test positive for coronavirus died after it was returned home after a government quarantine. The dog was tested and had a “weak positive,” but the pet took various tests after, which all came back negative; whether it died due to the virus is unknown since the owner did not want to get an autopsy. This caused many pet owners to panic even though it was a weak positive. This worried 8th grader Abigail Garcia, “I have heard that a dog got infected and it makes me feel bad because we don’t know how to cure this sickness, not even for humans. I am worried that it can spread to us.” 

8th grader Adrian Rodriguez wasn’t aware of the canine that got infected but finding out makes him feel concerned for his pets. “I didn’t know that [of the dog that got tested positive]. I feel concerned because I have pets. I am worried that my pets will get it because there are already a lot of cases in San Bernardino county.” Although it is not confirmed that COVID-19 can be spread through animals, Rodriguez believes that it is a possibility. “I think there is a really big possibility that it could spread through pets, which sucks. I think pet owners should keep their pets inside with them to keep them safe. Plus, pets would really enjoy that.”

8th grader Karime Granados believes that if pet owners care for their pets properly then the possibility of pets getting sick can decrease. “I think pet owners like myself should shower their pets regularly and keep them nice and healthy.” 

The question still lingers whether the disease can be spread through animals; according to the CDC, there is no evidence so far that COVID-19 can be spread through animals. However, the CDC suggests that you wash our hands after handling your pets and animals and to clean up after your pet appropriately.