Coming Home for Good? – An Alumni’s POV


Jessind Caro

The amount of notebooks still don't show the hard work and dedication.

Jessind Caro, Journalist

Today as most people should know, schools, small businesses, restaurants, hair/nail salons, clubs, and amusement parks have been closed due to the Corona Virus. It is a tragedy for those suffering from the disease, but it also affects those around them, even without contracting it. Businesses have been forced to close, restaurants have little or no business, schools are closed and have to resort to online learning, and students may not have the chance of prom, grad night, or walking to get their diploma. It’s a big struggle when it’s seems that nothing seems to be functioning as normal as of right now.

Universities have been forced to shut, and many students have no choice but to go home. To continue lessons, teachers do live online teaching. Sometimes it can be an issue for some students, having to sit at a desk for up to 5 hours only doing school work and being at home may make it harder. There are so many more distractions at home, whether younger siblings are messing around or dad has you doing chores around the house. 

Alumni Aratth Jimenez attends Cal State Fullerton as a freshman. He loved college life, dorming and meeting new friends. He was dorming with 2 fellow alumni, Joshua Nkem-Ajoku and David Scruggs. “It really sucks that we have to leave early, we didn’t really get the full first-year experience.” expressed Jimenez. Many students now won’t get the chance to live up the college life and others won’t be able to walk for graduation. There are sacrifices each student is taking. Not only here, but everywhere. 

“I was really loving the college life, it sucks for those who are affected but also for us. Online learning can come with its challenges.” shared Nkem-Ajoku. 

“I have siblings and it may not be so bad since they’re old enough to understand, but still it may get noisy and a little difficult at times.” explained Scruggs. 

Hopefully, these boys and many others are able to get their work done on time and with little difficulty. Good luck to all those students!