Health and Medical Club UCLA Field Trip

After Students Miss Planned Tour, UP Alumni Steps Up as Impromptu Tour Guide


Shanelle Diaz-Cruz

UCLA is best known for it's medical program, with the Ronald Reagan medical center being one of the best in the country. It is also best known for it's film and television program.

Shanelle Diaz-Cruz, Journalist

On Tuesday, March 10th, University Prep’s Health and Medical club as well as a few other seniors took a field trip over to UCLA.

The two groups boarded the yellow school bus and left campus around 9 am. The drive from Victorville to UCLA took around two hours; there was a lot of traffic, and to add on to it, it was raining as well. Many students took the long ride as an opportunity to take naps and to talk with friends. 

The University Prep seniors and the members of the Health and Medical club arrived at the campus at 11:45, which was unfortunate because their tour was scheduled to be at 10:45. Because they had arrived an hour late, they lost their tour; the officers of the Health and Medical club were very disappointed and so were other students that were looking forward to the trip. 

The UP group may not have been able to get an official tour, but all hope was not lost because an alumni from University Prep was willing to show the students around.

Shanelle Diaz-Cruz
Stephanie Chen graduated from University Preparatory in 2019 and is now an undeclared Humanitarian major at UCLA.

Stephanie Chen from the graduate class of 2019 came on the scene and took charge in showing the two groups around campus; she first started by asking the two groups if they had any questions regarding the school. When no one responded, she gave some helpful advice and tips on how to approach the university, as well as on the amount of classes you should take the first semester and on the food plans the school provides. Later on, she talked about the lecture halls that were nearby, and then discussed what you should do when looking for a dorm; she suggested getting Facebook to help you get the dorm you want and look for roommates there. 

Stephanie then wrapped up by giving a tour of the gift shop and the food court; after this, the students decide to take a break to give them a chance to buy food. After the lunch break, the students took their leave and arrived at University Prep at 5:30 pm. 

Despite missing the tour, senior Julieta Martinez appreciated the tips Chen gave while showing the group around. “Even though we missed our tour, it was still insightful. She [Stephanie Chen] gave a lot of good tips for freshmen and what to expect for college.” Martinez enjoyed the well built campus as well. When asked what specifically she enjoyed about it, she said, “… The scenery; it’s really pretty here, even though there are a bit of ups and downs… you can really enjoy the beauty of the campus.”

The President of the Health and Medical club, Kelsey Adikari, was disappointed that they missed their tour but still enjoyed viewing the building and scenery that was on the campus. “It wasn’t what we had planned to do, so it was kind of disappointing; it wasn’t the Health and Medical field trip we wanted and we were looking forward to it too so that’s kind of lame but UCLA is pretty cool. I had no idea what it would have looked like. I still applied but I like the trees and the buildings, and I realized that most people dress kind of fancy in college so I was surprised. We didn’t really do anything, which was kind of unfortunate I guess.” Adikari explains why she and her club members specifically chose UCLA even though there many other options; it was mainly because UCLA’s medical center is on the school campus instead of separate, like UC Irvine’s. “Their [UCI’s] medical school is like thirty to forty minutes away from their actual campus so if we would have gone to another school we would have had to take another bus ride to look at the campus and the medical school.” UCLA’s popularity was also considered.

Secretary of Health and Medical, freshman Isabel Peña, thought that the field trip wasn’t organized properly but still enjoyed her time on campus. “It was pretty good because I got to know the UCLA campus but it was a little disorganized because we didn’t get to go on the tour because we missed it, but other than that it was pretty fun because we got to see the different parts of the campus.” Peña compliments Chen’s explanations but believes that the group would maybe have gotten a better explanation if they had made it on time for their tour. “The tour that Stephanie gave was pretty good because we got to see the lecture halls and we got to see where the dorms were as well as the dining hall; she would point out the buildings and give explanations about it, but we maybe would have gotten a better explanation if we had gotten an actual tour guide.”