Staying Motivated in a Pool of Losses

University Prep Baseball faces another loss


Ashley Sanchez

Senior Travis Madden (#3) pitching hard in the third inning against the Jags’ home game against Eastside. Captain Xavier Campos commented that, “Our pitching is really good, but we struggle to execute what we are supposed to do.”

Ashley Sanchez, Journalist

At 3 o’clock on Friday, March 6th, the University Prep boy’s baseball team commenced their game against the Eastside Lions. It was a home game being held at the old Cobalt baseball field. This being the game following their first win, the stakes coming into the game were high. However, the Lions were already flying high with five wins to their name. This compared to the one win the Jags held- it was an uphill battle from the start.

In the first inning, the Jaguars were off to a commendable start. Senior Xavier Campos (#17) was catcher, senior Travis Madden (#3) was pitcher, junior Anthony Lopez (#22) was on first base, freshman Johnny Salas (#10) on second base, and senior Gustavo Meza (#25) on third base. They finished the inning with 1 run, while the Lions were at 0. The same occurred during the second inning, with the Jags in the lead with a score of 2-0.

University Prep was not in the lead for very long, however. During the third inning, the Lions hit the Jags by surprise, soaring past them by having 3 runs by the end of the inning. Tensions were rising as the Jags fell behind Eastside.

Ashley Sanchez
Senior Xavier Campos (#17) catching during the second inning. But the actual pitching is a key factor in falling behind the other team. Campos commented, “If our pitching didn’t fall off, the game would have been much closer to a win, or we could’ve even come out with a win.”

Both teams were on edge in the fourth inning. “We come out and Travis has a hard time trying to pitch, so they scored another 2. But we came to bat and scored another 2,” stated Xavier Campos, the captain of the team. The two teams tied with 2 runs each in the fourth inning, but the Lions were still ahead of the Jags by 1 run, with a score of 5-4. Campos continued, “They shouldn’t have had a lead, but we just made mistakes and couldn’t execute with pitching.”

In the fifth inning, Eastside came in and scored another run. By this time, sophomore Alexis Martin (#2), was pitching in place of Travis Madden. But by the end of the fifth inning, the Lions were ahead of the Jaguars with a score of 6-4. The Jaguars needed to come back strong in order to catch up. During the sixth inning, nobody scored. “They [Eastside] had a really good pitcher, and we just couldn’t hit off of him,” said freshman Johnny Salas. With only one inning to go, the tensions rose up again.

The last inning came along and University Prep was seeming to fall off of their game. “In the last inning, our pitching fell off and we couldn’t do anything right.” mentioned Campos. The frustrated captain tried to remain calm and collected, however. Regardless, the Eastside scored an astounding 4 runs in the seventh inning. The final score was 10-4.

We need to have better hitting and pitching. Once we complete those two, then we will be unstoppable.”

— Xavier Campos


Captain of the baseball team is a rough title to hold. But for Xavier Campos, it was evident that he remained optimistic towards his teammates, yelling out words of encouragement and advice as they batted. In the end, the confident captain noted, “I try to tell the team that we are doing our best and that the one mistake we do in the games have cost us the majority of our losses. We need to have better hitting and pitching. Once we complete those two, then we will be unstoppable.”