AP Spanish Field Trip to La Placita Olvera (Olvera Street)


Yesenia Garcia

The kiosk at center of the Placita Olvera, surrounded by greenery.

Yesenia Garcia, staff


University Prep’s class of AP 5 Spanish, as well as some students from AP 4, were excited to go on the yearly field trip to La Placita Olvera (Olvera Street), on Friday, March sixth. The trip is arranged by AP Spanish 5 teacher, Mr. Garcia, along with other Spanish teachers. Those who attended also went to watch a play that AP 5 Spanish had learned about, titled, “La casa de Bernarda Alba (The House of Bernarda Alba)”. Everyone arrived at La Placita Olvera at around 10:30 am, and after doing a head count, all the students were then split into groups of four or more.

Once everyone went their way, they could buy whatever there was to sell on the surrounding stands or stores. There were many places to buy souvenirs, as well as many places to buy snacks and food. There were also little museums and exhibits you could go to and see, as well as many places to take pictures. From the time of arriving, at 10:30 am, everyone had to check back in at 1:30 at the center of the plaza at the kiosk, where Mr. Garcia checked everyone in once again, so they could continue seeing and having a fun time at the plaza.

Kimberly Garnica
Junior Jocelyn Gutierrez, and Seniors Yulemi Solis, and Brenda Amaya look closely at a food menu at the restaurant Casa La Golondrina Mexican Cafe.

Finally, after having a fun and eventful time, everyone heads out to watch the play, at Plaza de la Raza. The play is titled, “La casa de Bernarda Alba (The House of Bernarda Alba)”, and is written by the famous Spanish poet, Federico Garcia Lorca, and is a notable play for its dramatic and tragic essence. This is one of the most known plays in the Spanish language, and the play tackles themes of repression, passion, and obedience, as well as the effects of men upon women, the struggles a mother faces with her five daughters, and the effects of the mourning of the protagonists husband for eight years, by following the family’s tradition. The play is scheduled to start at 8:00 and once everyone arrives, they patiently wait for a while until they’re let in and the play begins. After the play finishes, at around 10:00 pm, everyone heads back onto the bus to return. Mostly everyone seems a lot more tired, because it is late at night, compared to the start of the trip. Some sleep, while others talk or listen to music. Upon arriving back to University Prep, everyone gets off the bus, and either waits to be picked up or goes to their car or to whoever was there to pick them up.

When asked how some of their overall experience was, sophomore Marcela Contreras mentioned, “It was a good field trip, there were a lot of nice cute little shops, and I had a good time because my friends made it fun. The play was also very interesting.” Along with sophomore Lucila Carlos that stated, “I thought it was fun, I lik

Yesenia Garcia
Everyone attendind the field trip waits in line at Plaza de la Raza, to be let in to watch the play “La casa de Bernarda Alba”.

ed that they let us walk around by ourselves and not like a class. I thought it was a little too long since the place was so small and there wasn’t much you could do for eight hours.” Carlos also added on and mentioned that “I liked the play, I enjoyed the experience, but it was overall really tiring. I enjoyed it though, I had lots of fun, the museums were cool and there were a lot of murals and statues that were interesting. Overall I thought it was a great experience.” It’s safe to say, that according to what some of those that attended mentioned about their overall experience, it was fun and besides it being a small place, there was still a lot to do and make the best out of the experience and make fun and memorable memories from this day.