Daniella Carrasco

Senior Jasiah Martinez puts all his strength into his pitch in the top of the third inning towards the Hesperia Christian batter.

UP’s Baseball Team Celebrates Their First Win

Finally, after unfortunately having gained a losing streak, the University Prep boys managed to steal their first win of the season. On Tuesday March 3rd, the Jags Baseball team was up against Hesperia Christian High School in the fateful game that broke their previous losing streak. Although the game wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, the boys responded by saying how the win definitely helped them get back in the spirit of their sport. 

Daniella Carrasco
Senior Xavior Campos calls back sarcastically to his teammates after they tease him for striking out.

As the teams entered the top of the fourth inning, Senior Jasiah Martinez practiced pitching with Senior Gustavo Meza. Even in the fourth inning, it was clear that the University Prep team had felt the positive energy lift them towards the middle of the game. 

Daniella Carrasco
Senior Gustavo Meza walks towards his teammate Martinez as they get in places for the top of the fourth inning.

Junior Carlos Lobo stated, “I think the fact that won this game definitely brought back some motivation for the team. The boys are going to want to keep up and gain a winning streak.” Lobo, a junior member of the team, hadn’t been playing the recent games due to a leg injury he sustained while having exercised for the upcoming games. “It’s pretty ironic, I’m preparing for the game and next thing I know, I end up putting myself in a position in which I can’t play.” 

Although the Jag Boys had lost some motivation at the start of the season and after hearing that one of their teammates was injured, they never truly let it affect the way they acted with one another. Freshman and new member of the baseball team Johnny Salas says, “The team is super cool, really funny and I enjoy the games, even if we do lose.” On the baseball game Tuesday, the boys were heard cheering on one another, even their newcomers, including Salas.

Daniella Carrasco
Freshman and newcomer to the baseball team, Johnny Salas, awaits to catch the ball as it flies in the air towards outfield.

 The game continued on after the boys began to rack up some runs, and they all stood up from the benches slowly, watching their teammates play. The game finished and the boys gathered around one another to congratulate each other on their win. On the feeling of his first win on the UP baseball team season, Salas quotes, “It felt great to win after all that losing, I think we all felt the buzz from the excitement.”

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