National Day of Unplugging

Jasmin Perez, Journalist

The national day of unplugging is a day dedicated to taking a break from technology. The idea is that if you take a pledge, you get sent a free kit full of activities and conversation starters. The problem is, is it as radical of an idea as it truly seems?

Students all over are seeing a rise of technology usage within their school days, some courses requiring them to go do homework on computers and study with phones and other devices! It’s not hard to see why people rack up 3 hours a day on devices so fast!

How long are you actively using technological devices a day?

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Sophomore Angel Montez spoke on this saying, “I’m trying to think about how many hours I spend [on my phone]… like, all day.” For Montez, it’s a situation of going on her phone once she gets home from school. “I like drawing, too. I have more ways to entertain myself [outside of using technological devices]”.

Sophomore Quailand McDonald also added to the conversation, stating, “I wouldn’t really be bored from staying out of touch with technology; I’d walk my dog or something.” Despite his statement, the sophomore also admitted to being on the internet for half the day on average.

Many students nowadays spend hours on their phones and create accounts to keep in touch with the world, or decide to relax with some of their favorite music and TV shows. It’s seen as convenient and necessary now- a way to keep in touch with friends, family, and the never-ending advancements made by the world.

Junior Ashley Park spoke on her hobbies outside of her internet life, adding, “I’m usually reading a book and playing card games with my family.”

Out of 10 students asked if they would be willing to participate in the national day of unplugging, more than half of them said they’d be willing to accept the challenge… are you?