Why Isn’t There Ms. Jaguar?


Tayler AVila

Ms. Jaguar's Potential Crown: "It would be cool to shake it up a bit." says Junior Mikayla Flora about whether or not University Preparatory should have an event for senior girls as well to save money.

After a lot of hardwork and dedication, Eric Vo was crowned Mr. Jaguar. While Mr. Jaguar is a big event for senior boys that could possibly take 100 or more dollars off of their senior packet, there isn’t a Ms. Jaguar. For many, it’s seen as an unfair situation where it only benefits the guys. What about the girls? Should they get a chance to possibly save some money and gain some bragging rights?

Senior Audrina Menchaca explained how she’d love to see an event for the senior girls since they not only have Mr. Jaguar, but also Ironman. “It’s unfair for the boys to be getting this opportunity, and not the girls as well.” Menchaca says. “I love the event, but I just wish the girls could save some coins too.” Menchaca also emphasized that girls have talent, and they should be able to show the whole school their gift.

“It’s unfair for the boys to be getting this opportunity, and not the girls as well.””

— Audrina Menchaca

In addition, freshman Isabella Orellana also feels that there should be an event for girls to show off something they’re proud of. According to Orellana, “I don’t have any talent myself, but I would love to be able to see some of my friends perform their senior year.” She also explained that some students don’t have enough money to pay for everything in their senior package, and Ms. Jaguar could be a way to have that full high school experience that they wouldn’t be able to have without the extra help.

However, Sophomore Alan Maldonado had a different opinion about Ms. Jaguar. He explained, “We should just stick to the classic tradition of Mr. Jaguar. This is one of the few things that only the guys get.” Though our school has few events, many feel like Mr. Jaguar is only meant for the guys and they think it should stay that way. Maldonado continued to say: “In high school, the girls always get hyped up at every event. Every time we have a dance, the crowning of the girl is always more exciting than the guys. This is the only time where guys can be shown off.” He believes University Preparatory should keep it as a guys only event so the senior guys can feel important too.

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On the other hand, Senior Alex Yuen says, “There should be a Ms. Jaguar because it would be kinda cool to see one.” He believes the girls deserve a chance at getting an amazing opportunity like Ms. Jaguar. Yuen explained that it is unfair that the guys are the only ones who get to save some money and the bragging rights that come with winning.

In conclusion, the majority of the students at UP believe that the girls should have a shot at Ms. Jaguar and its privileges. Hopefully in the future, senior girls will be able to show off their incredible voice or a hidden talent to the world. Gender should never stop a person from an opportunity like this. But in the end, it’s not about who wins. It’s about the memories students can get from this event that will last a lifetime.