Girl’s Softballs Home Game Proves It’s Important to Cheer Your Team On!


Jasmin Perez

Eyes on the ball! Sophmore Bibiana Rodriguez gets ready to bat while lancers is readying themselves to catch. “I think our game could have went better. We did have some errors but we were hitting good,” spoke Junior Alina Lopez.

On February 20th, University Preparatory’s girls’ softball team lost to Western Christian by 14-10.

Despite the loss, the girls within the UP team tried their best to not become discouraged. “Before every game, the whole team discusses the weather and where the wind is pushing,” explained junior Hannia Rodriguez, “Coach tells us how the ball is moving and what we should do, when it’s just not working out all we do is keep our heads up and make sure we get good hits and try our best on the field.” 

“We had a lot of errors and it could have been a closer game,” started junior Darlene Davidson, “the wind was stronger than usual. In the outfield, it’s harder to track the ball because it’s moving, so there were a lot of missed balls that could have been caught and grounders that some of us missed. I think it’s something that has to be worked on because we just need to learn how to track the ball in the wind.”

Jasmin Perez
Bibiana Rodriguez runs to home! “I think we started off bad, but we definitely didn’t give up,” said Hannia Rodriguez, “I think we tried our best.”

Despite fierce plays and skilled runs, sometimes things simply don’t go in your favor. The girls on the softball team found that it was important to keep their heads high and their teammates focused.

My teammates help me keep my motivation. We all cheer each other on, even when we make mistakes.”

— Junior, Alina Lopez

“On the field, we just go up to tell them to shake it off and high five each other. In the dugout, every girl gives each other high fives. I personally tell them not to get grumpy or down on themselves, because there are more plays and bats to come- we can’t let our guard down,” added Rodriguez.

“Usually we pick each other up,” Davidson explained, “When I’m pitching and having an off day, my team talks to me and keeps me up. When one of us strikes out, we just cheer them up and talk to them.”

Jasmin Perez
Ready to catch the ball! UPs softball team has a rough start, but quickly starts to pick up momentum throughout the rest of the game. Despite their loss, they continue to press onwards. “We chant “we love free 60s”. We use that when someone walks because the bases are 60 feet away from each other,” spoke Junior Paige Zimmerman.

University Preparatory’s softball team might have lost a home game, but their support for each other has never stopped. Chants and supportive words could be heard throughout the whole game. Even while the wind picked up, the girls never once stopped trying- they played their hardest and saw at it as an opportunity to improve in the future.

Here’s to the next game and a hopeful win!