Middle School Jags Lose Against the Silver Knights


Shiloh Emanuel

Tarron Grim dribbles the ball up the court with his head up looking for openings in the Knights defense.

University Preps Middle School Basketball Team played their rivals, Riverside Prep, for the first time this season February 20th. The boys came in very confident and excited to host the Silver Knights at home. Before the game, eighth grader Ethan Adu-Gyamfi (#8) was asked how he felt about the rivalry game, Adu-Gyamfi replied with “I’m very excited, the rivalry is big and it would be really nice if we win.”

Although it was a rivalry game, it was important to the team that they played just as hard as any other team. When they came out, University preps eighth grader Aiden Kraus (#1) came out with fire, scoring the first points for the team. However, Riverside Prep was quick to match the Jags intensity as Odell W. (#11) grabbed a rebound and put up a layup. 

Shiloh Emanuel
Aiden Kraus dribbles up the court on a fast break during the second half of the game.

Unfortunately for UP, the Knights kept getting put back points off of rebounds and missed shots with Odell and Marrion B. (#10) leading the Knights. Towards the end of the first half, RP showed off their athleticism by coming out in a full court press. This momentarily stunned the Jags, but they bounced back with Aiden Kraus hitting two more floaters and eighth grader Tarron Grim (#2) adding a layup of his own. This ended the first half 8 to 25.

Coming into the second half, both teams looked like they still had a lot of game left in them. To start the quarter, Marrion came down the court and hit a three pointer from the left wing. This got the Silver Knights very excited and they went on to score 5 more points before they lost  their composure and picked up a technical foul. This means that the Jags got awarded with a free throw and possession of the ball. 

As soon as Coach Augustus learned of this, he gave Grim the okay to shoot the free throw for his team. Grim wiped the sweat off of his brow and composed himself at the free throw line, holding the ball with both hands and squat into shooting position, focusing on the rim, took a deep breath and took his shot at the basket in hopes of breaking the Silver Knights scoring streak. He knocked down the free throw and this seemed to be all the team needed to play like themselves again. 

Just go hard at them because we know they’re good so we are just going to play hard”

— Ethan Adu-Gyamfi

On the next possession, Adu-Gyamfi grabbed an offensive rebound and impressively hit a turnaround fade away. The Knights came back down the court and missed another three pointer and point guard Aramagio Frondarina (#3) came down the court and passed the ball to Grim who came down and hit a floater over two defenders. After this, both teams were going back and forth at each other. During this run, Grim went on a 3 for 3 run and UP started to tighten up on the defensive end. Kian Ang (#13) protected the basket and had a great block and stepped up  in the last 3 minutes of the game, adding 4 points of his own to compliment his defensive performance. Unfortunately, the combined effort of the team wasn’t enough to beat the Silver Knights with the final score being 24 to 53. 

After the game, Grim was asked how he felt about the game he replied saying, “The first few minutes of the game we were playing good, we were playing with great defense but later on in the game we weren’t getting back on defense quick enough. We let their press get to us and that kinda cost us the game.” 

Shiloh Emanuel
Tarron Grim grimaces after the final buzzer rings. Riverside Prep won the game by 29 points.

Like Grim, Frondarina was also disappointed in the loss commented on the rivalry stating, “We all knew about the rivalry, but we still came in confident.” He later went on to explain that the team just came to play and showcase what they could do. 

Coach Augustus had a similar out look on the game saying “We weren’t really going into this game for the rivalry, but we just wanted to see how we matched up against them.” Augustus continued on to say, “This game was more about getting experience and making sure everyone develops for high school.”