An Almost Victory


Jessind Caro

Abigail Garcia (#7) trying to push through the defense. She was determined to shoot each shot.

Jessind Caro , Journalist

On February 19, Middle School Girls Basketball played against Riverside Prep on home court. Being home makes it comfortable and sure of their moves. In this case, the UP girls were close to victory. 

In the first half of the game they were running smoothly, but noticed that RP was not playing easy. UP girls managed to block their shots often, but one or two would slip away. Coach Coates called a timeout to reassure the girls on strategies and to focus. “Don’t look at the scoreboard, it’ll take you out of focus. Just play and concentrate on shots.” Coates explained. The girls quickly came back into the game and were pushing through- so much that Abigail Garcia #7 shot a 3 pointer with much confidence. No matter the score, they kept going and trying hard even if the timer was at 2 minutes. They took advantage of the time they had left. “Every second counts” is a great quote known to any sport. 

Jessind Caro

As the second half started, many players were being switched around. Coates wanted to mix in some players as she does during practices. “The same people shouldn’t play together all the time, they need a feel of something new and different to play better.” As the game continued, these girls knew it was going to continue being a tough one. RP played hard and was determined, leaving the UP girls in need of a little more confidence and cheering up. Of course, the middle school cheerleaders were there to help and cheer them along, even getting the crowd started. A little boost allowed the girls to score 6 more points: 2 shot by Amaris Esparza #5 and 4 shot by Korean McFarlin #13. “I tried really hard at shooting, but it was harder since I was nervous and they were up by 10 points.” expressed Garcia. No matter how much pressure was put on Garcia, she always tried shooting any chance she got.

Once the game ended, the girls didn’t wallow in sorrow, but rather cheered each other on and congratulated one another on playing hard and keeping their heads up. They knew it was a stressful game and they now know to train harder for the next coming games. 

Jessind Caro

The UP girls didn’t take a victory, but it was a good game overall. It’s a learning experience and they know what to look out for next time. This will give them the opportunity to train even harder for the games to come. Good look to these girls for the rest of the season!