Lady Jag’s Loss at Barstow

The Lady Jags Lost their First Softball Game Against Barstow 11-10 on their Away Game on Wednesday, February 19th.


Caitlynn Kelley

Sophmore Victoria Mendez (#11) is ready to bat at the softball game at Barstow High school. She states what she was having problems with during this game. ”I wasn’t sure about other players, but I was having a tough time defensively and seeing the pitch on time.”

Caitlynn Kelley , Journalist

Caitlynn Kelley
The Lady Jags in a huddle at the Barstow High School field to pep each other up before the next inning. Coach Zimmerman emphasized how important it is for all sports team to be supportive of each other.

As the Lady Jags pulled up into Barstow High School with its formidable architecture and large field, the Aztecs were already practicing by throwing a softball around. The UP’s girls softball team and boys baseball team headed out to their respective fields; the Lady Jags started to warm up by batting, throwing, and catching the ball with a mitt. Before the game, Lita Suarez (#17) jokingly told her teammate Alina Lopez (#6) that she thought that the boy’s baseball team would lose their game against the Aztecs. On Maxpreps, a website that shows sports statistics and sport team rosters, Barstow’s team majorly shows higher player statistics than the Lady Jaguar softball players. During the game, Mr. Zimmerman called upon the team to be more supportive of one another, since this helps boost morale and confidence among the girls. Teams cheer on their teammates to show support for them, and even if they got out, their fellow teammates should share their support. This was the team’s first game against Barstow High School. The Lady Jags lost 11-10. Mr. Zimmerman and two UP softball players gave their accounts on the game, what they believe what they can do better, and how team support can boost the whole team up.

In the first inning, Paige Zimmerman (#13)  hit the ball on her second time. Victoria Mendez (#11) was at first having trouble with hitting the ball, but when she finally did, the crowd was amazed. She ran to first base.

During the fourth inning, Paige Zimmerman (#13) ran to the 1st base. Victoria Mendez (#11) ran to 1st base then she headed over to the dugout. Alina Lopez (#6) hit the softball on the roof of the dugout and later out of bounds. Lita Suarez (#17) went to first base on her first try.

During the fifth inning, Marissa Campos (#7) ran past the first base and went to the dugout. Bibi Rodriguez (#8) hit the softball then went to second base. Paige Zimmerman (#13)  went past first base and went to the dugout.

During the sixth inning, Victoria Mendez (#11) hit the softball out of bounds. Alina Lopez (#6) hit the ball and ran to the dugout. Rodriguez grabbed Aztec softball player’s  (#22) softball.

Lita Suarez (#17) said that this was the 1st game that they played with a more competitive team. She stated how the Aztecs were able to win Wednesday’s game. “We lost the game by one point. They came back at the end, in the sixth inning.” She also stated how she felt the team played during the game. “As a team, I believe that we played really well together. We always motivate each other and help each other by cheering each other on.”

She elaborated on why Mr. Zimmerman called the team together to make sure that they were supportive of each other. “When we’re more enthusiastic and cheering each other on, it helps boost someone’s confidence like when they’re on the field, so they know that we have their back. It just motivates them.” She answered whether people were nervous about playing against Barstow. “No, I don’t think we were really nervous about it. We just go in there and do what we need to do and we just have fun.” Regarding difficulties the team members dealt with, she stated, “I wouldn’t say that they were struggling, but errors do happen.  We just got to bounce back from that and just help each other.” She stated how she believe she could’ve done better during the game. “I believe I could’ve done better by staying positive on my outlook of things more and just remember everyone makes mistakes it’s just how you react to them.”

Victoria Mendez (#11) stated her opinion on how her teammates played during the game at Barstow. “I think everyone did well and played well, but we could still grow from that game.” Regarding Mr. Zimmerman’s comments, she said, “Zim wanted us to be more supportive because some girls executed their job, but it caused an out. When girls do that it’s important to let them know that they did their job on the field.” When asked whether or not the girls felt nervous about their game against Barstow, she stated, “I think some of us were nervous because it was one of the early games of the season and some of us have played with or against a few of their players outside of high school.”  She states what the team could’ve done better on as a whole during that game. “I feel like we could’ve done better defensively and kept hitting.”

Mr. Zimmerman stated how he believes the girls softball team played during their game at Barstow. “I felt we could’ve played better. I’m really proud of them. A lot of times when we go against bigger schools because they get a little apprehensive and don’t play as well as they could. But, they did a really good job that day and I was proud of how they did.” He also said why he called all of the girls together to be more supportive of their team. “I felt that they weren’t talking enough, they weren’t encouraging each other enough during the game. They were just kind of flat at parts of the game, so I wanted them to get their heads in the game and to cheer for their teammates.” He said that it was very important for all teammates on all different sports teams to cheer for each other. Mr. Zimmerman said that he believed that the team took the loss well.

The Lady Jags learned a lot during their third game this season and their first game playing at Barstow. They learned to make sure that they cheer on their teammates to help boost up their confidence. They also learned that they should stay positive and that this game will get them ready for future games. 


Retraction: 2/24/2020 @1:00 pm: The story was changed as follows:

Hannia Espinoza (#23) hit the ball and went to the 1st base was removed.