Get Your Inspiring On With Seek to Inspire Sock Sale!

Jasmin Perez, Journalist

University Preparatory Seek to Inspire club is selling socks through the end of February! The socks themselves are $11 and can be bought through Ms. Karina Tuesdays and Thursdays!

Seek to inspire! A screenshot of what the socks will look like. “They can be worn at school,” reminds Nour Rajha.

“Anyone can buy them,” says senior club president Nour Rajha, “and they can be worn at school [all week].”

All the income from the socks are being used to fund the club and all their future projects.

The socks are calf length are white, accompanying the words “Seek to inspire” in burgundy and black coloring.

Get your inspiring on with some fashionable new socks!