Coronavirus: Caution and Controversy


Daniella Rodriguez

Sophomore Ray Zhang takes advantage of wearing a mask to keep from getting others sick, and keep from feeling under the weather himself.

Throughout the years, foreign and deadly disease is bound to surface from where it originated and infect most of a country’s population. It’s usually not a huge thing to worry about until it reaches our country- or even worse- our state. Cases of the Coronavirus were at first only in its region of origin, China. However, cases have been popping up all over the US now, and even in California. Though there have only been two confirmed cases, they are too close for comfort. These two cases are in Los Angeles and Orange County. Though the CDC claims that both cases are being treated and are in isolation, some people are still worried it could reach our town. According to the CDC, the chance of Coronavirus being widespread throughout the US is still low. However, China kept quiet about the ordeal in the beginning as well. Should there still be worries about the virus spreading through the US?

“MERS Coronavirus Particles” by NIAID is licensed under CC BY 2.0

How do the students of UP feel about this stressful situation? Eight Grade Alexander Diaz-Cruz believes that the virus could spread throughout more regions of the United States, but not completely take over the whole region. “I honestly don’t think it will spread throughout the whole country. Maybe just in certain areas.” As for the possibility of the disease spreading to Victorville, Diaz-Cruz isn’t a strong believer in the small town getting affected by the disease at all whatsoever. According to what I have researched about the Coronavirus, it’s spreading rapidly and it can be very fatal. Hopefully, it doesn’t get to Victorville, but I really don’t think it will.” So what kind of precautions should be taken to guarantee that you won’t get infected? Diaz-Cruz shares his ways of staying as safe as possible. “I would probably wear a mask and wash my hands every time I go out in public. I also wouldn’t touch any vulnerable areas like my face if I know I haven’t washed my hands before.”

“MERS Coronavirus Particles” by NIAID is licensed under CC BY 2.0
A molecular view of the spreading foreign disease known as Coronavirus.

Freshman Clarissa Duardo has a much different opinion on the matter of the spreading of the virus throughout the United States. “It probably won’t spread to Victorville, but I guess it could spread through the United States. Do you know that plane in Ontario? That makes it kind of believable.” So would that mean that the CDC might be trying to keep any mention of the virus spreading on the down-low? Is there really nothing to worry about, or is that just to calm the citizens of the US down? “I feel like the CDC could probably be hiding stuff from us. It’s definitely a possibility.” If the virus does end up spreading to us, what are some good precautions to take? Duardo can’t come up with any ideas when it comes to staying safe from this intimidating virus. “Well is there really any way to take precautions? I guess not.”

With the coronavirus infecting more and more people each day, it’s only natural to be a little cautious when approaching places like an airport or a crowded public space. Taking precautions like washing your hands and even wearing a mask if you please is definitely something to take into consideration. It’s also wise to wait just a little longer for your next vacation to China.