Sarah Martinez

Freshman couple Herlinda Recinos and Sunny Chan walk alongside their close friend, freshman Grant Santos. Although Valentine's Day is about spending meaningful time with your significant other, there's always plenty of space to spend it with good friends! Photo illustration of a couple being third wheeled by a friend of theirs.

What’s the Big Deal with Being Single?

As Valentine’s Day sits around the corner, the stigma surrounding being single approaches. Many movies center around teenage romance. As we see bunches of couples around our campus, it influences us to seek that type of romance for ourselves.

Maybe it’s the feeling they don’t have anyone to call theirs, or they think no one will ever love them. It’s a cliche people haven’t been able to overcome, as our society encourages people to find love and be happy with a significant other. 

Despite how it may feel or what is portrayed in the media, being in a relationship doesn’t define anyone’s worth. “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being single at all. Some people wait for their perfect other, and others aren’t interested in dating; they just want to focus on what they want to,” mentioned freshman Sanskriti Sehgal when asked whether she thought being single was a negative thing. ¨I think, based on the people surrounding me, some people care too much about being in a relationship,¨ she continued. 

Sophomore Esmeralda Gutierrez said, ¨I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being single, especially because it’s just a day about love. That doesn’t mean you have to spend it with a significant other. You should spend it with people you love in general.” She also agrees with Sehgal, commenting that “… I think a lot of students do care about having someone on that day.”

“Yes, it’s a wonderful thing to be in a relationship, but I don’t think we should be upset that on one set day of the year we’re supposedly lonely,” eighth grader Isabella Lanuza said proudly, showing that she really believes students should value themselves before others. “If anything, try to focus your love on yourself rather than focusing on being single.”

The celebration day of love and affection, though most often marketed to couples, could be enjoyed by everyone, whether they’re enjoying it with people they care about or just appreciating one’s own company.

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