Is Home Economics an Important Class? Should It Be Brought to UP?


Daniella Rodriguez

A box of yarn and homemade scarves accompanied by old but gold knitting needles.

Home economics was a required class for years. Recently, though, the course has been slowly fading away from the public school system. It wasn’t seen as a useful course anymore because people claimed it had no academic value. However, many people would not mind having a class that teaches them basic skills lik

e cooking and sewing. Both things are arguably important, but it was taken out anyway.

Sophomore Angela Moran-Galazar would be interested in taking a home economics course. “If it was offered, I would take it. It would be very helpful for me… I don’t know how to sew at all and I’m not very good at cooking.” Moran-Galazar would be happy to be able to have the opportunity of taking a class that would help her with basic skills.

Daniella Rodriguez
A stainless steal tea kettle and pot warming up to prepare for the coming dinner.

After having a conversation with Ms. Meugniot, it became clear that not only the students of UP are interested in a home economics class. Parents are also interested. “I think a life skills class would be a great idea… I wish I had one when I was in high school.” Ms. Meugniot goes on to explain that she still doesn’t know how to do things that are important like changing a tire, and she wishes she was taught that in school. “UP does have a class that helps with financial skills. So I really like the senior trans class that is offered here.”

I think a life skills class would be a great idea… I wish I had one when I was in high school.”

— Ms. Meugniot

Eight grade Adrian Rodriguez doesn’t particularly care about some of the activities involved with home economics. “I would only really care about learning how to cook. To be honest, I could care less about all the other things you do in that class like sewing. I really don’t want to learn how to sew- it sounds too boring and takes some precision and patience that I don’t have.” Rodriguez still thinks that it would be a nice class to bring to UP, just not for him in particular to take. “I still think it would be cool if it was offered for the people that would like to that class, just not me.”

Home economics would be a widely appreciated class to the students and even the parents. Teaching basic skills that would be needed for everyday adult life is an important thing to learn sooner rather than later. There are some things parents can’t teach because they don’t even know how to do it themselves.