Crowning Mr. Jaguar

Despite minor controversy, ASB crowns the crowd's undisputed winner.

Seniors Elias Soares, Diego Martinez, Eric Vo, and Leander Ascencio pictured left to right after Eric is crowned Mr Jaguar. They were patiently awaiting the end of the events finals moments before meeting up with their friends in the crowd.

University Prep’s annual male pageant contest, Mr. Jaguar, is a chance for the boys in senior year to save some money, compete against their friends, and gain bragging rights for the rest of the year. The contest involves a formal wear competition, a talent show, and a question and answer portion, providing the boys with a chance to show off their talents and intelligence. This year’s contestants were Leander Ascencio, Eric Vo, Om Prajapati, Diego Martinez, and Elias Soares.

Ethan Bunn
Om Prajapati feeling the music during his performance at Mr Jaguar on February 7th, 2020.

The competition started off with the talent show, where the boys showcased their preferred talents to the audience and judges. All of the contestants decided to show off their musical skills, much to the delight of the audience. During his portion of the talent show, Prajapati danced his heart out across the stage, stirred on by the cheering crowd. And rather than sing or dance, Leander took to the stage to rap, giving the crowd a high energy performance that had everyone jumping out of their seats. Vo, Martinez, and Soares all sang, with the latter two playing their guitars while performing. Soares played his electric and sang “Johnny B. Goode” by Chuck Berry, while Martinez opted for his acoustic and sang “Creep” by Radiohead. When asked about the performances, senior Erika Davis described them as “pretty lit.” Senior Kelsey Adikari said that her favorite of the group was Vo, because: “His [performance] had a little more originality. I don’t know whether that song already existed or whether he wrote it, but he kinda made it about his life; it was a little unique I guess.”

Ethan Bunn
Senior Leander Ascencio feeling the music during his performance at Mr Jaguar on February 7th, 2020

After performing, the boys moved on to the question and answer portion of the competition. Here, they showed off their intelligence and cultural knowledge to the judges and the audience. Each of the contestants answered two questions, these questions asked about topics ranging from possible solutions to homelessness to preferred pick up lines. Needless to say, the audience quickly got a feel for the contestants’ comedic side. Freshman Bradley Alcantar favored Soares’ answers. “He seemed to make the audience laugh more.” Davis favored Martinez’s answers, because “He talked about homelessness, which is a real issue in California and Victorville. It’s very serious.”
Not everyone was completely pleased with this year’s Mr. Jaguar competition, though. Senior Yasmine Fragoso felt that “The questions were too easy for some of them and too hard for others.” She went on to explain that Vo and Prajapati were given difficult questions to answer, while the others got questions that were not as difficult. She believes this may have affected the scoring of the competition. When asked about this being a possibility, Seniors Jasmine Padda, Yusra Oda, and Vartineh Oganesian responded saying that there was a mix and match of easier and harder questions, and that each contestant got one of each. They explained further, saying that each of the boys knew all of the questions a day in advance, just not which questions they were going to get.
Junior Carlos Lobo had another complaint. He felt that the equipment used by the contestants may have affected the scoring as well, as he and most of the audience members couldn’t always understand what was being said through the microphone. Again, the ASB trio dismissed quality as more of an inconvenience than anything else.

Ethan Bunn
Senior Diego Martinez getting ready to sing for the crowd during Mr Jaguar on February 7th, 2020

Despite these few critiques, the three girls were happy with the event, as everything went smoothly. Oda specifically said that she thinks “…we had a good show, a good amount of people showed up, even though the sophomores [were] all on the field trip.”

It goes without saying that the Class of 2020’s Mr. Jaguar competition was an overall hit. The performances were great and got the crowd excited in the beginning. The questions got the contestants thinking about real world problems outside of high school, while still getting the chance to joke around here and there. By the end of the event, Eric Vo was crowned as Mr. Jaguar for the year, while Elias Soares was the runner-up. Vo was awarded free tickets to prom and grad night, and Soares was granted a free yearbook.