Diversity in Advertising


Caitlynn Kelley

This is another picture from the Target in the Jess Ranch Marketplace in Apple Valley. This picture depicts hands of all different racial tones together in unison.

The need for diversity in advertising has never been greater. Generation Z and Millenials are the two most demographically diverse generations in United States history. The audience of advertisements has changed more dramatically than the ad industry’s workforce. According to Oona King, in The Case for Diversity in Advertising, in 1978 there were only 5% African Americans that were working for the advertising industry. In 2014, the percentage of African Americans that were working for advertising companies only rose a mere 0.8%. According to Moshe Mosbacher, in an interview titled Diversity In Advertising Is Driven by Performance, consumers feel alienated when they don’t see their certain demographic in the advertisement. People feel more connected to something that represents them or looks like them. University Preparatory is a very diverse school. People hail from all different backgrounds either in race, ethnicity, religion and so on. Students from University Preparatory give their opinion on how UP students and people from diverse backgrounds perceive themselves when they see themselves in advertising. Also, they state their opinion on how companies that have diverse advertising in their campaigns affect other companies’ approach to advertising. 

Caitlynn Kelley
This picture was taken close to the entrance of the Target that is located in the Jess Ranch Marketplace in  Apple Valley. This picture depicts two women of color advertising clothes that are aimed at young adult or teenage consumers.

Freshman Hannah Ogundiran, states how she feels whether diverse advertising affects University Preparatory students.”I believe that diversity in advertising will have an indirect effect on us, students because it’s not going to change us as a person but as a whole. It’ll change us as a whole because not only will one person feel the change of diversity in an advertisement such as not feeling left out, but most of us if not all will feel the change.”    

She states how people of diverse backgrounds feel about diversity in advertising. “I believe that people of different (ethnic, racial, religious, etc) backgrounds perceive themselves in a good way when they see people of their background in advertising because they then don’t feel “left out”. I feel that it may affect them a little bit because they may feel a bit more proud/confident about themselves.” Ogundiran then talks about how companies that have diverse advertising in their campaigns affect other companies’ approach to advertising. “I believe that companies like Target that have implanted diversity in their advertising have affected how other companies approach advertising by laying down a “path” for them because people are more likely to buy from a diverse company rather than a “one type company.”

Sophomore Itzel Garcia talks  about how diversity in advertising can affect University Preparatory students. “As a UP student, I feel like advertising can affect. UP is diverse, for advertising in that way [diversely] we can connect to it. We see how they care about everyone and not just the majority.” Garcia states how diversity in advertising can affect people from different backgrounds. “I feel like people of different backgrounds see companies advertising them and then they feel special or better because they [companies] are representing them.” She states how she believes other companies that have diverse advertising have affected other companies in how they advertise. “I feel like companies that are more diverse have more support from people. They [customers]  see how they [companies] support everyone and they [customers] say I’m going to support them or I’m going to buy from them because they accept me.”

Caitlynn Kelley
These are multiple pictures all together on one advertising board in the Target that is located in the Jess Ranch Marketplace in Apple Valley. The picture depicts three plus-size models of different races and/or ethnicities advertising clothing that is sold at Target stores.

Companies need to add people who are of different religions, races, ethnicities, etc. , so those groups feel included. Companies that advertise with diverse people make their potential consumers feel like they are included, which in turn makes them more successful.