Sophomore Field Trip to Lewis Family Playhouse and Pomona College


Yesenia Garcia

As class of 2022 went on the tour of the Pomona College campus, instructed by the tour guide, the class was conducted to the dormitories on the south of the campus, followed by trees and lots of greenery.

Caitlynn Kelley, Journalist

Caitlynn Kelley
This is a banner that is close to the entrance of the Lewis Family Playhouse, where the Sophomore students watched a play titled: “And Then They Came For Me: Remembering the World of Anne Frank.”

The Jaguars class of 2022 has been waiting months to go on their field trip scheduled on Friday, February seventh. They headed out to the Lewis Family Playhouse located in Rancho Cucamonga to watch a play about the Holocaust titled “And Then They Came For Me: Remembering the World of Anne Frank ”. The play featured taped interviews of Holocaust survivors Eva Schloss and Ed Silverberg along with the theatrical performances of the actors. The play followed the stories of the Franks, Schloss and family, and Silverberg with his family on how they endured the tragedies of the Holocaust. The play ended with the cast telling the audience whether certain people made it out of their respective concentration camps alive or if they died. The play correlates with their English class’s 3rd quarter unit’s essential question: What is the relationship between power and freedom?  This play depicts the horrors of Nazi Germany, where the Nazis were able to get rid of their freedom through their power over the people due to Hitler’s use of them as scapegoats and his charisma. Students have been reading different texts in their My Perspectives book which centers around this question. Some of these texts are Malala’s Speech to the UN and the Four Freedoms speech by Franklin Delano Roosevelt. They also have been reading The Book Thief, which is a novel that is set in Nazi Germany. The second part of the trip was the tour of Pomona College. There were tour guides that answered questions while going around campus. They talked about financial aid, dorms, advice on applying to Pomona College, etc. Students give their opinions on the play and how it relates to their unit in English, their experience on the Pomona College tour if they have any advice for those who planned the trip, and their favorite memory or experience during this field trip.

Sophomore Chyanne Harris gave her opinion on the play. “I really liked the play. I was expecting more of an actual play type of thing with more characters, but I actually liked it. It wasn’t boring and it had many elements. Some parts were funny, some were sad. I wasn’t expecting it. I was also happy with our class. We were very respectful and paid attention. It was fitting with our unit [in English] because we are talking about freedom and this play showed how Jews really didn’t have any freedom.” She gave her opinion on the Pomona College tour. “I liked the college tour and enjoyed it. At first, I was disappointed because it looked small but when we got inside, it looked really nice. I don’t think I would go there because they don’t have a nursing program. The tour guide said that the money wasn’t a huge problem. This school does sound like it is affordable.” Harris stated her advice to those who planned the field trip. “Whoever planned this did well in my opinion compared to last year. This one was really fun. I would suggest an aquarium or another college trip because it was interesting and my friends and I enjoyed it.” She stated her favorite moment on the trip. “My favorite moment was the park we went to. When we got there, we played on the playground and then ate. After we ate, my friends and I played “Concentration” then we played freeze tag and made TikToks. It was fun to just chill and have fun.”

Sophomore Kaylyn Ha gave her opinion on the play. “I thought it was very moving and it taught you a lot about the details [of the Holocaust] because not a lot of people are educated about what actually happened. I think it was really informative and I did enjoy it. I cried a little bit. It’s really fitting for the unit in English because we’re reading The Book Thief, which is in the setting of the Holocaust.” She also gave her opinion on the Pomona College tour. “It gave me a lot of insight about college life and the campus. I enjoyed it. It was really pretty. We saw a lot of buildings. Our tour guide told us that the cost isn’t a lot, it is covered. He gave us a lot of information about college life, including the costs. Had stated her input to those who planned the field trip. “I think they planned it very well. I didn’t see anything wrong with it. It was good for me. Probably other people have something to say, but I think it was good.” She stated her favorite part of the trip. “I think it was the college tour. We got to see the beauty of the college. It was very interesting.”

Yesenia Garcia
As the tour of the campus began, the tour guide instructed the students to an area with a water fountain and tables where residents of the college to eat and relax under the shade. 

The Sophomore field trip is the class of 2022’s second field trip that they went on during high school. While this field trip was memorable and fun, it also mirrored what the students are learning in their 3rd quarter English unit. This field trip was a success with many students. This field trip made many good and impacting memories for this class to look back on when they graduate.