The Last Smile in the Room


Naretzi Velasquez

As the basketball team called times out seniors Gisselle Elizondo, Jasmine Allen, Kenlly Trejo, were up in front of the crowd to cheer the the crowd to help the people to cheer on the basketball team.

Naretzi Velasquez, Journalist

Many things that you love will soon, unfortunately, have to come to an end. On February 4th, the University Prep. cheerleaders cheered on both their varsity girl’s and boy’s basketball team, and had their last night to shine and to say goodbye to their senior cheerleaders. In between the time outs, they would cheer for the basketball teams with full effort making the crowd stand on their feet cheering them on.

During half time it was the seniors time to show their light to the crowd and to make the senior cheerleaders stand out from the rest of the squad. Senior Gisselle Elizondo shared about her experience during her first year as a cheerleader and that she is sad that it was her first and last year, “I’m sad  because I won’t get to cheer with everyone ever again and I won’t hang out with the girls anymore.”

Many cheerleaders were on the team during the majority of their high school years like Senior, Kenlly Trejo. It was difficult for Trejo to say her goodbyes because of the bonds and the memories with the cheerleaders. She explained, “I feel very emotional that I’m done cheering. It was a daily routine and now it’s gonna be gone.”

As the seniors were given special gifts, they were all saying goodbye to their squad. Saying their last few words to each other,  “ Continue on and to have commitment.”