Gone But Never Forgotten


Tayler Avila

After winning a back and forth game against Riverside Prep sophomore Jordan Bateman and senior Shiloh Emanuel hug each other tightly with excitement

Tayler Avila, Journalist

Senior night is the perfect way to say goodbye to the seniors on the boys basketball team: Travis Madden, Ethan Emick, Barry Bai, Shiloh Emanuel, Diego Martinez, Cecil Foster, and Jordan Darling. February 4th was their last league home game against their rivals, Riverside Prep, and after a well fought battle, the Jaguars were the ones who left with a triumphant win. After the game, all of the seniors were recognized for all the blood, sweat, and tears that they put into the team.    

Senior Diego Martinez is graduating this year and, unfortunately, has to say goodbye to all his teammates, but never to the amazing

Tayler Avila
Senior Diego Martinez blocks a shot to keep their winning score. Sophomore Jordan Bateman and senior Shiloh Emmanuel stand nearby to help collect the ball.

memories he created on the way. Martinez states, “I just want any future basketball players who are thinking of joining the team to keep working hard and to really appreciate how much Augustus cares about our success. There aren’t many coaches out there that dedicate as much time and resources to their team like he does.” Martinez explains his love for the sport by stating, “Basketball has been my number one passion for as long as I can remember, and it’s just part of who I am. Basketball has taught me some really valuable life lessons, and has shown me why hard work is so important. Just like anything in life, if you have a goal and you put in the work, you’ll reach it for sure.”

 Junior Jason Yi doesn’t happen to be a basketball player, but he loved watching their games. Yi attended senior night and contributed to many cheers and chants, stating, “I wanted the seniors to know that we care about them, and we cheered so they could totally feel our support by the many people that showed up.” The game hosted a full house of people, but there wasn’t one second where Jason Yi couldn’t be heard front across the court. When asked about how he came up with chants, he explained, “I would just start yelling something and all of my friends would start to jump in, then pretty soon, the whole gym was chanting it too.” Basketball has an impact on everyone, even the fans, and they get to make amazing memories that they will never forget about, and they get to see their friends show off their hard work.

While sophomore Jordan Bateman has been on the team for two years now, it never seems to get old for him. For many people, basketball might be a way to get out of the house for a few hours, but for Jordan it’s an escape from his day-to-day stress. However, as one of the few sophomores on the team, he looks up to the seniors and states, “I love all of the seniors, and they made this season so much better. I wish them the best of luck in the future.”

Senior night was filled with energy from both the players and the fans, and it was a game to remember. The players and coach will miss the seniors, because each and every one of them have made their mark on the team, and no one will forget about the class of 2020.