Samantha Casarez: A View on Life



Samantha Casarez shows off the stickers on her phone from one of her favorite shows, Steven Universe, as she waves.

Everyone has something important to them. Whether it is a certain friend or family member- or simply just an item- everyone holds something dear to them in life. Sophomore Samantha Casarez does not. At least, that’s what she thought. She doesn’t believe there is a certain thing she can’t bear to live without. Does Samantha Casarez really mean that? If there was absolutely nothing that was really important to her? Was there anything she couldn’t bear to live without? Caserez answered those questions with a rather obvious response. “I mean, I guess I can’t live without oxygen and water.”

Casarez views herself, her decisions, and the whole world around her in a way of taking steps. The genius metaphor she used was as follows, “Essentially, it’s like I’m on a block. There are so many more blocks in front of me that I need to get to in order to reach the next stage of my life.” Casarez then continues to explain her metaphor of her layout of life. Once she overcomes something, achieves something she never knew she could do, or just a simple accomplishment; she moves on to the next block. So what is keeping Casarez moving on to each and every block? Phases.

There are so many more blocks in front of me that I need to get to in order to reach the next stage of my life.”

— Samantha Casarez

Phases are a common thing that many people go through. However, these phases can tend to be more important to one person than another. Casarez’ phases could be considered somewhat important to her, including certain exciting events that are to take place in the upcoming future. Casarez lives in the present, whatever is going on now is what she will be pouring her attention into whether it’s a new phase, or simply a play for drama. Let the future come when it pleases. “Sometimes I don’t see the point to some things when I’m not going to need it in the future. But whether I see the point or not, I still plan on getting it done.”

Everybody has their individual view on life, so how is Samantha Casarez’s view any different? “I don’t think anybody in their right mind would have the same view on life as I do. I mean even if they claimed that they did, I wouldn’t believe them because everybody is their own person. Everyone is different and that’s great, because having two of the same person isn’t exactly possible. Unless they’re a deception or something. But their view on life has a 99.9% chance of being completely different from mine. They could view their life as brick walls they have to pass, or something completely different from that.”

After explaining further on her view on life and how it differs from everyone else’s, it became clear to Casarez that there is something that holds a sort of importance in her life. Each phase she goes through has shaped and formed her, creating the person she is today. “If it wasn’t for things like Twenty One Pilots, Fall Out Boy, and Sherlock, I probably wouldn’t be the same. There would be some things that I never discovered or learned. Some of the stuff isn’t exactly necessary for me to know, but I know it. At some points they were the only things I would talk about, but that’s because I just knew so much about it. Fragments of everything I’ve learned stick with me. Like if someone asked me when Fall Out Boy formed, I could tell them in the summer of 2001.”

Samantha Casarez has a brilliant way of viewing various perspectives of a variety of subjects. She is an amazing candidate if you are searching for someone to engage in deep conversation with.