The Last Groundbreaking Game


Shanelle Diaz-Cruz

24 Erika Davis rushes across the court as she tries to get the ball to the other side

Shanelle Diaz-Cruz, Journalist

The University Prep girls basketball team went up against their rivals, the Riverside Prep Silver Knights. The University Prep Jaguars stepped off the court with pride because they had a victory. 

The first half of the game was intense, both teams rushing up and down the court and others falling trying to snatch passes or trying to score points. However, the Jaguars easily left the Silver Knights in the dust with a twenty point lead leaving the score of twenty-six to six. 

Throughout the second half, the Silver Knights would have small comebacks but it wasn’t enough for the Jaguars.

Shanelle Diaz-Cruz
10 Delaney Torres is dribbling the ball as she is on the look out trying to see if she can pass the ball to any of her teammates.

The University Prep Jaguars continued to dominate the court while putting in their all scoring in shot after shot. 

One of the most groundbreaking moments during the game was during the last ten seconds. The Jaguars were already taking the lead with fifty-four while the Silver Knights had sixteen, but as players were still passing the ball, the ball got into the hands of senior Delaney Torres(#10). Torres made her shot from afar and scored another three points for the Jaguars making the final score be fifty-seven to sixteen. 

It was a very satisfying game for those watching and playing because it was the last home game for seniors on the girl’s basketball team. 

Torres was proud of both her teammates and herself with their performance, “Oh I popped off.” She said smiling proudly. “I think we were all doing really good, everyone was getting shots. We didn’t have as many turnovers as we usually do”.

Torres has been playing basketball for 6 years and decided to play because it was the only option she had available and once there was another option it seemed like basketball was meant for her. “ I first started playing basketball when I was in the sixth grade and it was the only sport they had at my school so I just picked it up. I tried soccer … it didn’t work out.” 

Delaney wishes to continue basketball and is planning on trying out for the team she wishes to go to, “ I’m going to try to go to UC Santa Barbara, so I’m going to try out for their team.”

For senior Erika Davis(#24), she felt like it was an easy game and wanted to play a more intense game. “Honestly I didn’t play as hard as I could because it was such an easy game. The opposing team did the best they could and it was just fun to be out. Although it felt like practice ¨.

Davis joined the team because she enjoys being up and around, ¨ I joined basketball because I like to be active and wanted to be apart of a team.¨ Davis hopes to continue basketball after high school but is indecisive as to what school she wants to go to, ¨ I would still like to play basketball after high school but I just don’t know which school I want to go to”.

The last home game for the girl’s basketball team was indeed a game to remember for both team members and the audience that was present. Be sure to watch the girl’s basketball team’s next game on February 6 at 5:30 pm.