Trying to Prove a Point

Delaney Torres, 15, and Nalani Jordan, 23, rush across the court in hopes of receiving a pass from their team mates.

Shanelle Diaz-Cruz

Delaney Torres, 15, and Nalani Jordan, 23, rush across the court in hopes of receiving a pass from their team mates.

Shanelle Diaz-Cruz, Journalists

On January 27 the Lady Jags basketball team and the Silverado girls basketball team went head to head with one another. The first few minutes of the game began with 2 fouls on the Lady Jags part. Both teams furiously sped across the court to score points. Silverado took the lead in the first quarter with twelve points whilst the Jags had two. 

The Lady Jags fought for the ball and both teams stampeded across the court chasing the ball. Silverado continued to lead the scoreboard in the second quarter as well with twenty-one points and the Lady Jags falling behind with six. 

The third quarter came around and tension was riding between the players on the Lady Jags a part, many fouls were made, they were struggling to keep up with Silverado and desperately tried to get the ball and block the other team. They tried to close the gap between them but unfortunately lost the fourth quarter with ten points and Silverado kept on leading with thirty points. 

The fourth quarter was an intense battle and struggle for the Lady Jags many players were worn out and tired from racing across the court and let points slip away. In the end, Silverado won with forty-eight points and leaving a thirty-five point gap between them and the Jags.

The game ended in Silverado’s favor and a team member that stood out was number twenty-three Nalani Jordan. Her hard work and the effort she puts into the sport are what motivates her the most,  “The hard work and dedication. I practice and when I get out here it just translates to the court,” Jordon said as she smiled back to her teammates. Jordan complaints Lady Jag’s effort in the game, “They did a good job; they had a lot of effort and hustle and I think they are a pretty good team.”

Audience member Mrs. Barrientos thought that the Lady Jags could’ve done better and improved more, “ I think we could’ve done a bit better, we made a lot of mistakes and I think it could have gone better. I didn’t see the girls into the game, concentrating. Silverado did their part and they did good but I know that we could’ve done a lot better.”  

In the instances the Lady Jags made points number 21, Marlene Moralia, came through for her team, she made many points that made it to the scoreboard and gave it her all. Moralia is disappointed that her team didn’t win because she wanted to prove a point if they won, “ I didn’t want them to win, if we won against Rado  then we’d be proving a point because no one takes small schools seriously.” Moralia said that she felt like Silverado made most of their points through their mistakes and thinks that her team needs to work on their pace, “ I felt like they made most of their points through our mistakes and we need to work on staying calm and playing at a steady pace and not as fast.”