Keeping It Positive


Daniella Carrasco

Junior Leila Sandoval and senior Kaylani Morales celebrate their victory against CIMS. Morales grabbed in Sandoval for a hug as they joked around back to their teammates.

Daniella Carrasco, Journalist

Playing such a popular and rough sport, such as soccer, can really bring tension into the air between teammates. And yet, the University Prep girl soccer team proves otherwise by showing they have a bond like no other. In the most recent game on January 22nd, versus their rival team Cobalt High School, many of the Jag Girls were caught between feet, some receiving injuries from the ball, and others receiving scares. Even with all those stumbles and scares, the team seemed to keep a positive attitude the entire time, whether on the bench supporting their teammates, or on the field keeping a smile to themselves.

Daniella Carrasco
Senior Alexa Morga manages to head the ball before the opposing team can reach her.

Sophomore Diya Patel expressed the reason for their cheery mood even when positioned on the bench, “When we’re on the bench, what it makes it really fun for us is each other. Definitely giving props to my girl Kayla, she always has us laughing. It’s just that they impact my life a lot whether they know it or not; if I’m having a bad day, they always lift my mood up.”

They’ve all come to the point to make each other laugh when they’ve had a rough day. During the game, as tired as they were, many of the girls kept a positive attitude. Although the Jag Girls were winning the game, when asked if it was the winning high that made them cheerful, junior Miyah Tinsman replied, “I feel like it’s more of the bond between all of us. Even if we weren’t winning, we always tend to keep a good attitude because we have each other.” The bond between the girls is stronger than the need to show off their wins and even if they had been losing she said they’d still be positive throughout it. 

Daniella Carrasco
Sophomore Tayler Avila smiles at the Jaguar parents on the sidelines cheering her on after blocking a goal.