Jaguars Run Circles Around Hesperia Christian


Josh Martinez

Shiloh Emanuel(left), Ethan Emik(low left center), Barry Bai(right): Senior player Shiloh Emanuel shoots a three in the first half of the game.

Joshua Martinez, Journalist

UP’s boy’s basketball team played against Hesperia Christian on Tuesday and walked away with an exhilarating victory. They finished with a 42 point lead and left with their heads held high.

Joshua Martinez
Diego Martinez (left), Shiloh Emanuel (12)

Both sides of the court seemed to be calm during the teams’ warm ups, but the Jaguars were beaming with confidence. Senior team member Diego Martinez said that he didn’t miss a single shot during the entire game. “It felt good to win because we haven’t beat this team in a while, and we all did really good for the whole game.”

Try as they might, the Jaguars haven’t beaten Hesperia in three years. This game, however, marked the end of a winning streak for Hesperia Christian. “Typically Hesperia Christian is a very challenging team in our league, so it felt great to make a statement for ourselves and take home the win,” added Senior athlete Ethan Emick. And the Jaguars did end up keeping true to their word, becoming an unstoppable powerhouse after the first quarter. Shot after shot and play after play, the lead they had on Hesperia Christian only grew. Every player had a chance to play, and when they did, they gave it all they had.





The Boys are playing again on Thursday, and if they keep up the good work then they’ve got a good game ahead of them.