College Board Lawsuit



This is a picture of the College Board website taken on January 21, 2020. The College Board website is a resource for students to get information about AP and SAT tests.

Caitlynn Kelley, Journalist

In 2019, there was a suit filed against the College Board. The College Board is an American non-profit organization which is known for its administration of AP tests and SATs. Also, it  is affiliated with many colleges, universities, schools, etc. They were sued by an anonymous parent and her daughter. Her daughter is currently in one of the Chicago public schools. The lawsuit details that the College Board sold student information from a large number of students. It was filed under the claims that the College Board didn’t explicitly state that they were going to sell this information to other organizations. Also, they stated that offering this information would help students with admission and financial aid. Additionally, they said that they were only going to show this information to colleges/universities. Students at University Preparatory tell their opinion on why the lawsuit of the College Board matters.

Sophomore Victoria Mendez states her opinion on how the College Board lawsuit would affect students here at University Preparatory. “I think it might raise some questions as to why College Board would need to sell our information and how our information would be used by outside sources we don’t know about. She also talks about if University Preparatory and other schools should trust College Board. “I do think that it could be possible for schools to distrust College Board and their resources, but it may be difficult because of the reputation it has and the role College Board has played for many students.”

Senior Jaylin Alvayero states that the College Board lawsuit will hurt students here at University Preparatory. “I think this would affect the willingness of the students at our school to want to participate in a lot of the useful opportunities the College Board has to offer. As high school students looking to attend college, this is a huge resource, but knowing that our personal information is being sold to outside organizations could lead to lots of students choosing not to go through College Board, which would then lead to many missed opportunities for people at our school.” She also talks about how this could lead to University Preparatory and other schools to not trust College Board. “Yes, I do think that this is serious enough to where people at UP as well as other schools could choose not to trust College Board anymore. Trusting a site to keep the personal and confidential information to themselves should not be something to worry about when using the College Board as a resource to help guide students on their educational journey. Although College Board is important and useful, especially to those looking to attend college after high school,  the invasion of privacy and loss of trust could lead to a decrease in College Board usage amongst our schools.”

Sophomore Julien Pineda states his opinion on whether University Preparatory and other schools should trust the College Board. “I do believe it will spread to not only the college level but also the high school level because we would not be able to trust the College Board. Who’s to say that they won’t do it [sell student’s information] again in a more confined way.”

He also believes that this controversy would even affect which college you decide to go to. “I think it would affect students at this school because it would affect the college they choose to go to. If you are set on going to college but you hear about what happened you would automatically rethink your decision of going to the college you want to go to. You wouldn’t want anything like that to happen to you.”

Students here at University Preparatory and other schools all over the United States will be greatly impacted by the College Board lawsuit. College Board has been a major resource for schools all over the United States because of their administering of AP tests and the SAT. Students here at this school and other schools across the country all have one very important decision to make: Should use these helpful resources from the College Board, even if my personal information is at risk?