World War 3 Memes: Funny or Offensive?


"lets ROCK every WAR" by Jamal M. Aziz is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

The 101st Airborne Divisions, 1-32 Cavalry Quick Reaction Force provides security during a VIP visit to the government center in downtown Balad Ruz.

Daniella Rodriguez, Journalist

Starting the new decade off with memes about World War 3 was definitely not called for. People rushing to Twitter and Instagram soon found themselves drowning in these unexpected memes. People all over the media were sharing these, and if you looked through the comments you would see a variety of opinions from people of all ages. There were people highly against the memes and found them offensive to the extreme. However, the majority of people waved them off as just a joke and laughed along with the crowd.

Sophomore Songaya Gooden-Daniels does not find WW3 memes funny. She believes that certain people take them too far. “I personally do not find WW3 memes funny. People that do think they are funny are allowed to have that opinion, but to a certain extent. There is a line where funny and offensive meet, and crossing it is not fair to some parties.” So why does Gooden-Daniels find these memes offensive? “They’re offensive because I feel like they’re not benefiting anyone, and they just aren’t funny.”

However, sophomore Anjelo Go finds them pretty hilarious. “Yeah, I think they’re pretty funny. I don’t find them offensive at all because they’re just a joke. I don’t really see how people find them offensive.” Go doesn’t find these memes offensive in the slightest way. Go is laughing along with most of the people posting the memes.

Along with Go, sophomore Casandra Esparza find the WW3 memes wheeze-worthy. “They’re super funny. I don’t know what people mean by ‘some people don’t like them.’ Like I honestly don’t see how they would be offensive. People are just joking around with them, you know?”

Memes come and go throughout the media, and some are more questionable than others. There will always be people who are opposed to the idea of a meme that could be offensive, and of course there are those who could really care less and are there for a good laugh.